You Can Increase Your Revenue with Digital Scoreboard Advertising! 

If you struggle to generate revenue and find sponsors, it might be time to rethink your strategy. Your facility plays a vital role in attracting and retaining your sponsors. If you haven’t invested in upgrading your game-day experience, you’re missing out on a significant revenue source - digital advertising. 

Over the last few years, digital advertising has risen to the top of the list in technological advancements for sports venues. Before digital advertising, schools approached brands about hanging static banners in gymnasiums and publishing print ads inside roster booklets. Those same schools were using a traditional fixed-digit scoreboard with a metal-box controller. Now, schools can offer premium ad real estate and upgrade to a professional game-day experience, all from a mobile device.

As part of the ScoreVision software suite, teams receive access to our ad management platform housed in the ScoreVision Cloud. This platform allows you to upload, organize, and assign content both for on-demand media, such as commercials and hype clips, and for what we like to call automated sequences. 

ScoreVision Cloud Media Library

Access the ScoreVision Cloud media library to upload your content for the season. 

Sponsored Content-1
Show rotating dynamic advertisements from your sponsors on the bottom of the scoreboard.
Video Commercial-1
Show commercials during timeouts and half-time. 


Sequences are media content that rotate automatically while in different display layouts. Once the ads have been uploaded and assigned, the Cloud transmits the information directly to your ScoreVision production system and the Fan App, regardless of your proximity to the venue. You can manage your content anytime without having to be on-site. It also allows you to provide access to a third party who can help you manage sponsorships like our trusted partners at Scoreboard Media. But it doesn’t just end there. 

The ad management platform also includes final monthly reports on ads played. The report gives a breakdown of the amount of media plays and impressions based on the duration time for each ad and the average game attendance. You can access these reports from the ScoreVision Cloud and download the report as a PDF. 

There are a lot of opportunities to grow your athletic department’s sponsorship program with digital advertising. If you’re hesitant to upgrade your facility because of affordability, you might want to listen to the latest episode of the ScoreVision ADvantage podcast, where we discuss how schools finance new systems and how to facilitate discussion amongst community members. You can check it out on Apple Podcast, Amazon, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. 


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