Franklin High School recently joined the ScoreVision Family with the installation of a pair of 6mm, iB1410 and iB1007 ScoreVision displays in their gym.

Franklin High School is one of 10 high schools within the Williamson County School District in Nashville, TN. As a leader in both athletics and academics, the school's staff and Booster Club are progressive and constantly looking to improve experiences for their 1800+ students and the fans in their surrounding community.

Coach Darrin Joines, the boys' basketball coach and marketing teacher at the school, learned about the ScoreVision system through the District Athletic Director, Jeremy Qualls and immediately knew that it would make a great addition to the school. After meeting with the Basketball Booster Club and and some local advertising partners over a two-month period, Coach Joines and the Booster Club had secured enough advertising sponsorships to completely pay for the system. These ads will be displayed with minimal effort from the school thanks to ScoreVision's integrated, automatic digital ad sequencing technology that is built into all of our video scoreboard systems.

In addition to paying off the cost of the ScoreVision system, these ads will create meaningful, recurring revenue for the school's programs.

The impact of ScoreVision at Franklin High School does not end with the athletics program. As the marketing teacher, Coach Joines was also able to build classroom curriculum around the ScoreVision system, giving students valuable real-world experience and a platform to showcase their talents to the surrounding community on the displays. “This is a multimedia board and it’s really limitless what we can do as an educational unit with it," said Joines in an article by the Williamson Herald.

“I really think one of the things we should do more in education is give students a chance to say, ‘Hey, I might like this profession,’ and let them try it," said Joines. "With these, I think there will be someone from Franklin High School to do this at a big-time professional level as a full-time job and it’s going to start right here.”

The students have already done an amazing job creating digital content to be showcased on the displays during games and other school events, such as pep rallies. Their efforts have enhanced both athletic and non-athletic uses of the video boards.

Franklin continues to leverage their ScoreVision system to generate additional revenue, provide real-world educational experiences in their classrooms, and engage their students and surrounding community. Williamson County Schools' District Athletic Director said it best:

“I really think people will come in here and appreciate these right way because they are flat-out phenomenal.

The athletes themselves will benefit from this, but it’s so much more than that.”

We can't wait to see the growing impact that ScoreVision will continue to have on the students and community at Franklin High School!

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