Glenwood High School, located in southwest Iowa, has a long history of success in academics, athletics, and activities, as well as a commitment to staying on the leading edge of technology for their students.

As one of the early adopters of video scoreboard technology, Glenwood High School had been using a Daktronics video board for over nine years. The board was primarily used alongside fixed-digit metal-box scoreboards to show player stats and sponsor ads. When the time came to start looking for upgrades, the school’s Athletic Director, Jeff Bissen, knew he wanted more from his investment this time around. He upgraded the school's scoreboard setup to a pair of 6mm, 16x9' and 10x7' video scoreboards from ScoreVision.

“When I saw the integrated stats and video capabilities of the ScoreVision system, I knew it would not only simplify things for the people that run our scoring and video software, the all-in-one layout and appearance of the board was going to be way more engaging for our athletes and fans. I’m so excited for the kids to see this when they come back to school in a few weeks.”

Like many high schools, one of the keys to bringing ScoreVision into Glenwood's gym was covering the cost of the system through fundraising. Fortunately, Bissen found that process to be much quicker and easier than he expected.

“We worked with ScoreVision on various configurations and they even provided custom mockups and a fundraising plan for us to use. Within a matter of weeks, I had enough commitments from only 4 advertising partners to completely pay for the system – it was easier than I thought.”

Beyond having the latest video scoreboard technology for their students, it was important to consider how Glenwood's fans and surrounding community could benefit from the upgrade. In addition to the alternative uses the school will find for the multimedia displays, the ScoreVision System gives the school an opportunity to easily keep fans updated on scores, game events, stats and other information via the ScoreVision Fan App.

“Another big factor in our decision to go with ScoreVision is their Fan App. This is a key extension of the scoring and ad system and it’s a great way to keep parents and fans updated on events when they can’t be here in person. It’s really a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

After an installation and training experience that Bissen described as "second to none," the staff at Glenwood High School is "looking forward to this partnership for many years to come."

In preparation for the beginning of the school year, the school is working on writing and implementing new curriculums in Broadcasting and Marketing to engage their students in the process of running the displays and creating engaging content to be showcased on them.

We can't wait to see the impact that ScoreVision will have on the students and community at Glenwood High School!

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