Middletown High School Football and Basketball Fan Engagement Software

"Hands-down the best software that I’ve worked with as far as a scoreboard is concerned. I don’t know of any other companies that are out there doing it as user-friendly as ScoreVision.

Between the scoring iPad and the Producer iPad, we have kids using the apps so it’s that user-friendly."

User-friendliness was one of the most important aspects of Middletown High School's decision to use ScoreVision software across their indoor and outdoor sports.

Middletown High School joined the ScoreVision Family in 2018, connecting our all-in-one scoring and fan engagement software with versatile LED displays in their gymnasium. They expanded ScoreVision software across campus in 2019 with the addition of a massive 34' x 26' outdoor LED display in their multisport stadium.

Video scoreboard technology was nothing new to this New York high school. They were early adopters of video scoreboards back in 2008, but they knew the technology had advanced since their original purchase.

When it was time to upgrade their LED displays and the software that powered them, Athletic Director Dave Coates looked for a system that was cloud-based so that his software would receive consistent updates and new features, keeping his school on the leading edge of technology.

Watch this short video to learn why ScoreVision software made the difference for Middletown High School, and read more about their experience below.

User-friendly Software

For Coates, it was important to find a scoreboard solution that would be easy for his staff to use. He explains:

"You may have a lot of lay people using it who are not as advanced in technology, and I think it’s so user-friendly that people adapt to it very quickly. I don’t know of any other scoreboard or software companies that are making it as user-friendly as ScoreVision."

All-in-one Platform

"We had a video board on the onset in 2008, but we knew that the technology was advancing. We were looking at something that could be cloud-based and applications that could be pushed to us, so that’s what I believe ScoreVision does the best," explained Coates. "With the software being sole-sourced, I think that ScoreVision is the leader out there. They make it easy for the layperson to keep score but also give it a championship experience for the spectators because what gets produced to the board is fantastic."

First-Class Customer Support

Customer support was at the top of Coates' priorities when he considered which company to partner with for their scoreboard upgrade.

"Definitely the digital, cloud-based platform and the customer service is what attracted us to ScoreVision.

Along with the applications and the cloud-based digital platform, I think ScoreVision goes above and beyond with their customer service. I’m big with that, as I’m sure most athletic directors are, because many times we’re stuck out there by ourselves but I’ve never had that happen with ScoreVision. Every time I call the customer service line, or even on install days or weeks prior to install, they’ve been very professional and very accommodating and it’s been a really enjoyable experience. The technology is so user-friendly, but there are some times that you need to touch base."

Hear more about how ScoreVision software made the game production and fan engagement easier and more effective at Middletown High School in this video:

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