ScoreVision Displays at Millard South High School

Welcome to the first installment of our new ScoreVision Spotlight Series, where we aim to provide inspiration by showcasing ScoreVision customers who are doing some amazing things with their ScoreVision video scoreboards.

The ScoreVision Creative Team recently attended a basketball game at Millard South High School in Omaha, NE, where we were extremely impressed and inspired by the creativity of their staff and student media team. The fan experience that Millard South is creating at each of their home games serves as a great example of how any ScoreVision school can enhance their fan experience.  

In this post, we'll walk you through the engaging content and activities we experienced from before the game even started all the way through to the end of the game (spoiler alert: the Millard South Patriots won!). We encourage you to be inspired by these ideas and make them your own.

Before the Game

As the Creative Team arrived at the start of pregame, we quickly noticed that there was a theme for this particular game. The theme was "Jam the Gym", which invited students and families from the elementary and middle schools that feed into this high school. The special game featured kid-friendly options at the concession stand, special t-shirts for the young students to wear, and lots of graphics on the ScoreVision displays welcoming each school. 

Millard South also customized their brand wrapper for the game by adding the "Jam the Gym" logo to the corner. The event truly lived up to its name – even parking was hard to find that night!

Millard-South-1410-Basketball-Video-Scoreboard-with-Pregame-McAllister-Orthodontics-AdBeyond the theme, we were impressed by the amount of sponsors the school was showcasing throughout pregame warm-ups. The ScoreVision video boards were also used to feature "Students of the Week" from different sports and clubs throughout the school, which was a great way to bring together the whole school using the displays.

As pregame came to an end, the video scoreboards were used to display a graphic welcoming the opposing team.


Once starting lineups began, the gym went completely dark and all eyes were on the video board as each Millard South starter was introduced with a customized player profile video. 

Millard-South-Starting-LineupAfter the starting lineups, a custom hype video got the crowd pumped up with a game footage and team photos set to music.


During the Game

Throughout the game, the school continued to impress fans by showcasing more sponsor graphics from local businesses.

Millard-South-1410-Basketball-Video-Scoreboard-with-Runza-AdAs players scored, the scorekeeper displayed sport animations such as "3 Pointer" and used ScoreVision's exclusive one-touch player accolade feature to quickly show the player's photo, jersey number, and points scored so far, adding to the excitement of this fast-paced and highly competitive game.



At halftime, the school had an exciting program planned to entertain fans and get them excited for the second half of the game.

The video board featured more graphics to give shout-outs to the elementary and middle school students that were present, and then the dance team came out to perform. The Millard South Dance Team had just come back from winning a regional title, and the video board showcased a team photo throughout their performance on the court.

Millard-South-1410-Basketball-Video-Scoreboard-Halftime-with-Dance-Team-Graphic-PerformanceAfter the Dance Team performed, the Cheer Team took the court to perform a routine for fans. The video scoreboard showcased their team photo during their performance as well, which was an excellent way to show the school's pride for its different programs and activities.

Millard-South-1410-Basketball-Video-Scoreboard-Halftime-with-Cheer-Team-Performance-GraphicAfter the performances, the video board switched to a graphic that really wowed us here at ScoreVision.

With winter weather in the forecast, students were anxiously waiting to find out if school would be canceled the next day. The media team came up with some very funny graphics prompting fans to clap for a "go" day vs. a snow day. You can probably guess which one made the crowd go wild!



After the second half of the game came to a close, the Patriots were ready to promote their well-deserved win with a "Patriots Win!" victory graphic.

Millard-South-1410-Basketball-Video-Scoreboard-Victory-GraphicAre You Using ScoreVision to its Full Potential?

We hope this post has sparked all kinds of creative ideas that you can bring to your own ScoreVision system. Stay tuned for future installments of our new ScoreVision Spotlight Series to learn how ScoreVision customers around the country are excelling at generating revenue, exciting fans, using ScoreVision outside of athletics, educating students, and more benefits of having a ScoreVision video scoreboard!

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