Like never before, we have learned just how important fans are to sports. Whether it's a crowd roaring or a cascade of boos - athletes feed off adrenaline. You’ve felt the energy and witnessed the impact as the tides turned and the crowd grew loud or immediately following a game-winning shot. Of course, the fans have also supported and shared in the pain after a loss. They’ve risen again and again as the team grew hungry for success. So, upon the absence of fans, the game changed. ScoreVision quickly rallied to find a way to bring fans back into sports by offering a way to live stream games, receive live score updates, and capture highlights. Now, months later, we would like to recognize the coaches and athletic directors at all levels who rose to the occasion in 2021 and challenged us to increase fan engagement amidst adversity.


With fans back in sports, teams can take advantage of using our engaging software to build school pride and boost exposure. With the possibility of receiving endorsement deals, athletes are under immense pressure to perform and promote themselves. Schools using our software will now have a competitive edge over their opponents. Fans can now aid athletes in their success by using SV Capture to download footage of note-worthy plays and instantly share them on social media platforms. People can also use highlights as replays on LED scoreboards and produce hype clips for pregame and halftime entertainment. Our software offers a professional game-day production at an affordable rate with little to no experience necessary to operate the system. 

ScoreVision takes pride in delivering first-class service. We listen to our customers' feedback and believe in supporting athletic programs committed to excellence. We are passionate about assisting in the advancement of athletes across the nation. Our company recognizes the vital role of the fan in athletic performance, and we know by developing the fan experience, your fans will, in return, support and provide for you. Thank you to the teams who joined our family in 2021!