A letter on behalf of your ScoreVision team. Congratulations to all of our schools on completing another year of academic and athletic excellence! 

Dear Visionaries,

Congratulations! We are excited to celebrate the end of another school year. This year, as a ScoreVision collective, we played nearly 39,000 games and helped thousands of students complete another chapter in their education. We are proud to help you serve as one united body, supporting millions of student-athletes in their pursuit of higher education and athletic performance. Our highest hope for your students is to watch them walk across the graduation stage and move on to the next chapter. As athletic directors and coaches, you led by example. Setting the bar higher and higher, and demonstrating perseverance during moments of tribulation. So today, we declare you victorious, and we celebrate your students’ achievements. 


To help you bring in this new season, we’d like to give your school a graduation gift. If you are using (or have used) the ScoreVision system for graduation, post a photo or video of the ceremony with the display in the background and use the hashtag #SVGraduates2022. Tag @getscorevision so we are notified of your post, and we will send you a direct message containing a link to an exclusive code for your school to download a free “Quix” (a sport-specific set of animations) for next season. We are honored to serve you in your pursuit of excellence, and we wish all of your students the best of luck as they continue in their academic and athletic endeavors. 


Before you sign off for the summer, we’d like to debrief you on what has been released over the past year. One of the perks of choosing ScoreVision is immediate access to these features as they become available. During the 2021-2022 school year, ScoreVision released the following features and enhancements to improve your game-day experience and ensure customer satisfaction on top of our general system improvements: 

  • CloudStream BETA
  • SV Automated Announcements with Advertising
  • Enhancements to Media Rep Cloud Functionality
  • Push Notifications BETA
  • Support for Hockey & Tennis Sports
  • Integration with Samsung Displays
  • EasyStream Live Streaming

We’ve made quite a few updates to our ScoreVision tool kit over the past year,  and we are getting started. Over these next few months, our team will be working fervently to bring you and your fans the best experience possible during the 2022-2023 season. In the meantime, stay tuned as we share tips and tricks on how your coaches and community can use the ScoreVision system during the summer months. Happy off-season!


Your ScoreVision Team