It’s hard to imagine sports without livestreaming. The NFL’s media deals through 2033 went for over $100 billion — it’s always been a massive industry with numerous players vying for the coveted media rights. 

Now imagine bringing a similar livestreamed experience to your high school. The best part? You don’t even need to invest in bulky, professional-grade camera equipment or give away your video streaming rights. Fans can tune in to your game wherever they are by watching the livestream online or through ScoreVision’s Fan App



It’s so simple. Anyone — even without a production or tech background — can do it with minimal to no training. The whole system is also budget-friendly for school programs of all types and sizes, so you don’t have to break the bank to produce a pro-level gameday livestream



Step 1: Find a tablet, iPad or simply a phone that’s connected to the Internet.   

Traditionally, livestreaming is a huge hassle. You’d need bulky cameras, power cords and video cables connected to a hardware encoder device that can process video feeds and deliver them to a streaming service. (Just reading that whole sentence is a mouthful!) Your mobility is also restricted by the tethered equipment and hardware devices, thereby limiting where and how you can record the video. 


However, with ScoreVision’s EasyStream solution, all you need is a mobile tablet or phone. Make sure the device has good WiFi or data plan so it’s connected to the Internet. 


Step 2: Download the SV Capture App and set up the mobile device.

Download the SV Capture App on the device. Once you set up the system in the SV Cloud using your ScoreVision account, you’re ready to use the SV Capture App to go live with just a few taps! 

Once you decide on the perfect spot to film and livestream the game, set up the mobile device on a tripod, or simply prop it up on a table. There are some very cost-effective tripods designed for phones and tablets that you can easily purchase for under $30. 



Step 3: Broadcast across multiple platforms.

ScoreVision supports most popular streaming services including YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. These platforms have very low barriers to entry for schools (they’re all free!), and are easily accessible by anyone with an internet connection. 


Fans can also watch the livestream in the Fan App if they have it downloaded, or on a personalized web page through a sharing linkAnother way to share the livestream feed is by using a sharing link that they can access in an Internet browser.  

In short, ScoreVision is extremely flexible when it comes to how you want to share the livestream feed. It also brings together other rich game data like scores, player stats and video highlights all in one place through the SV Fan App or on a web page. 

ScoreVision’s software is designed to democratize professional-grade sports livestreaming. We believe any school program should be equipped to engage with their fans just like any pro sports team can. 



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