ScoreVision is constantly innovating, and the latest product release is a real stunner! We've made updates and enhanced performance across the board, including adding new features in the Producer App, the SV Capture App, and – of course – the ScoreVision Cloud, where the whole ScoreVision experience begins and ends.

Introducing EasyStream

Guided by our mission of delivering tools that make difficult tasks effortlessly easy for all, we've launched a new feature inside our SV Capture App called EasyStream. EasyStream enables you to broadcast an event from the beginning to the end all from your phone — on top of being able to share short-form video highlights of the action like before. EasyStream is a super simple way for you to live stream your games and events without the need for bulky cameras, power cords, video cables, or even a hardware encoder. All you need is a mobile tablet or phone and the SV Capture App (with EasyStream). After a quick setup in the SV Cloud, you’re ready to take EasyStream in your pocket to anywhere from which you wish to broadcast a live stream. Just launch the app on your tablet or phone, open EasyStream in the SV Capture App, aim the camera, and tap record.


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EasyStream Augments The Already-Rich Experience In The Fan App

Your EasyStream live stream is automagically published directly to your Fan App for your fans to watch. The Fan App already aggregates scores, game events, player data, advertising, announcements, and video highlights. With a live stream added to that mix, the rich experience your fans were receiving before is now even better.



If your fans prefer, you now have the option to share the streaming experience with them via a web URL so they can watch from their computer. ScoreVision automagically publishes your live stream through to your very own personalized web portal with its own URL that you can share with your fans anytime.



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The All-New SVC Manager Comes To The ScoreVision Cloud

The SVC Manager is the new video solutions center in your ScoreVision Cloud. With the introduction of SV Capture, our video capture app, and its ability to contribute short-form and long-form video to the community engagement experience, it was important to give video its own home in the Cloud. Now, you can go to one location in the Cloud, the SVC Manager, to manage your Moments, PlayActions, and EasyStream live streams.



The Moderator that you’ve used in the past has now been relocated to its own space under SVC Manager. It works the same as it always has, giving you the ability to moderate (reject, approve, and reassign) the short-form video clips that come through from the SV Capture camera operators.




You can use the new Studio area to access all video highlight clips, Moments and PlayActions. You review and download them to your computer for use on social media, in hype videos, and more.




Leverage the Stream section to link your stream services to your ScoreVision Cloud account so that ScoreVision can automagically connect your live streams with real-time scores and other data in the Fan App.




The Producer App Gets Audio Playlists

The Producer App is your tool for operating the Jumbotron displays and for running an in-venue production for your fans. By customer request, we’ve added a new feature to the Producer App that supports audio-only media files. With this, you can play music during special moments in a game or run a playlist of songs for fill time without having to use and coordinate with a separate media player. Now, that entire experience can be delivered from one controller.


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