Is a dwindling athletic budget holding you back from upgrading to a video scoreboard? Is your local community supportive of your school, but you don’t have the time to leverage their fundraising support for your athletic program?

Many schools view video scoreboards as a luxury item, and its benefits may be overlooked in favor of a traditional metal-box scoreboard that simply “gets the job done” for less upfront cost. In reality, upgrading to a ScoreVision video scoreboard opens up a world of possibilities outside of keeping score, including a range of alternative uses that benefit extracurricular and educational efforts. But one of the most beneficial aspects of a ScoreVision video scoreboard is the built-in fundraising capabilities.

Of course, having integrated spots for digital ads only benefits your athletic budget’s bottom line if you have the time and know-how to bring sponsors on board and secure the ads. That’s where ScoreVision’s Digital Media Sales (DMS) team comes in.

ScoreVision’s DMS team offers a variety of tips, resources, and services to help you, whether you want to do your own fundraising more effectively or you want to let us take care of the efforts for you.

DIY Fundraising Assistance

If you feel comfortable doing the fundraising efforts on your own, we can provide guidance to help you increase the effectiveness of your efforts. Our DMS team can meet with you or your fundraising team to:

  • Identify the revenue potential for your school,
  • Educate your team about the advertising types and capabilities included in the ScoreVision system,
  • Deliver tools such as suggested sponsorship levels and pricing plus documents to help you outline the opportunity to potential sponsors, and
  • Provide tips for generating a list of sponsorship leads, contacting them effectively, and securing their advertising support.

Full-Service Fundraising Assistance

ScoreVision Outdoor Football Video Scoreboard

If you or your team simply does not have the time to fundraise for a ScoreVision system, ScoreVision’s DMS team partners with select schools to take care of the fundraising efforts. We work closely with the athletic directors, superintendents, booster clubs, and supporting foundations to develop specific fundraising goals and strategies; they guide and direct our efforts, but we do all the work. We handle everything, including:

  • Creating marketing materials
  • Finding prospects
  • Contacting leads via phone and email
  • Providing and collecting advertising sponsor contracts
  • Collecting and uploading sponsor ads to the ScoreVision system
  • Securing payment

If you or your fundraising team lacks the time, personnel, and/or advertising and sales know-how, our DMS team can step in to help your school generate lasting, recurring revenue with minimal efforts from you and your team.

And our methods are effective. Check out what some of our DMS customers have to say about working with our DMS service:

“We decided to work with the ScoreVision DMS team because securing sponsors takes time and effort. With increasing demands on school personnel, we no longer have the personnel or time to commit to selling advertising. With a greater need for advertising funds to supplement our budget, we needed to obtain the knowledge and resources to go out and secure larger accounts. The DMS team from ScoreVision takes all this weight off the schools’ shoulders while providing increased income and promoting positive relationships in our community.

Advertising sales have proven to be a big success. The advertising capabilities offered by a ScoreVision display allow us to not only fund our new indoor displays but they generate much-needed ongoing revenue. The DMS services are so valuable because they do all the work that allows us to profit and promote businesses in the community without having to lift a finger. We used advertising revenue to purchase our indoor ScoreVision boards while continuing to generate revenue. The overall experience has been excellent and we look to the same services when we upgrade our outdoor stadium board.

-Nolan Beyer, Executive Director of Activities, Athletics & External Affairs at Millard Public Schools, who saw 112% of the outstanding balance raised by the ScoreVision DMS team on the indoor scoreboard installations within all three Millard Public Schools high schools

“When I was trying to figure out what type of scoreboard to purchase, I did my homework. I researched all the different types of boards on the market. I met with sales reps from every major scoreboard manufacturer. Besides the fact that I believed in the ScoreVision product, the no-pressure, “how can we help you” attitude of ScoreVision and their employees made the decision clear. They not only cared about selling a scoreboard but they cared about me, my school, and the real struggles of an Athletic Director with little to no budget. They shared ideas, gave encouragement, created marketing tools for fundraising, and with their in-house Digital Media Sales program, have provided a way for us to obtain a board in our gym!”

-Missy Townsend, Athletic Director at Prescott High School

ScoreVision Volleyball Video Scoreboard“Most high schools are running into that revenue problem. Where are the funds going to come from to continue to fund these sports, to fund field rental space, officials, everything? So this is that silent or multiple stream of income that helps athletics and helps us continue to reach our goals in all areas – to support the teams, the athletes, and the facilities. The school district does a lot, but with an ever-growing district, this [working with the DMS team] was a great opportunity for us to help ourselves.”

-Peter Scarpelli, Athletic Director at Dublin High School

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