An LED display powered by ScoreVision software makes it easy for high schools, colleges, and facilities to elevate the game-time experience, but our customers have also come up with some creative and useful ideas ways to engage students and their community with their LED displays outside of sporting events. Check out some of their ideas below, and tag @GetScoreVision on Twitter with your creative alternative use ideas in the future!

1. Pep Rallies

Incorporate graphics, videos, or other elements into your next pep rally. It’s easy to control the LED display from an iPad anywhere in the gym using ScoreVision production and control software. Hear what Millard West High School Athletic Director Chris Loofe has to say: “The ScoreVision system was used to kick off the first pep rally of the school year. It was an exciting way for the entire student body and faculty to see the ScoreVision system in action for the first time. You could see the excitement and feel the energy in the room!”

2. Graduation

For schools that host their graduation ceremonies in their gyms or stadiums, an LED display powered by ScoreVision software provides the perfect opportunity to make an important occasion even more monumental for graduating students and their families. Display congratulatory graphics and a live video feed of the stage so everyone in the audience can see the new graduates!

“The things we can do with this board are pretty much endless,” said Guy Fridley, Dickinson High School Activities Director. “Grandma and grandpa or mom and dad might not be able to sit up close at graduation, but we'll be able to zoom in so they can see their son or daughter receive their diploma on the video board.”

3. Banquets and Awards Ceremonies

Enhance events such as awards banquets, fundraisers, and senior recognition nights by displaying graphics, videos, live video feeds, and more on the ScoreVision multimedia scoreboard.

4. Movie Nights

Invite students and parents to the gym or stadium for movie night on the big screen! You can even make the event a fundraiser by selling popcorn and candy.

5. Gym Classes

Demonstrate drills by showing videos on the video display, track students’ heart rates during activities, show a timer, and more during gym classes.

6. Film Review and Analysis

Display film review and analytics software on the large, high-definition display for the entire team to see.

7. Sports Practices

Demonstrate drills, show game footage, display timers, and give players instant critiques using the timer, video playback, and live video capabilities of the system. See more alternative use ideas in your gym here.

8. Live Replay

Show live video feeds, instant replays, and video highlights on the video board. Check out this clip of an instant replay at Oakland University!


9. Marching Band Competitions and Performances

Display a live video feed of marching band performances during football games or during marching band competitions on your field. See what it looks like in action in the clip below!


10. Dance Team Performances

You can also display a live video feed of dance team performances during games or competitions. See Sycamore High School’s talented dance team on their football video board in the short clip below!



11. Show Choir Competitions

If your school hosts a show choir competition, you can use the live video feed functionality to stream performances to the LED displays in the gym, creating an overflow space for attendees. The displays can also be used to share the awards presentation. Take a look to see how Westside High School elevated their annual Competition of Excellence Show Choir Competition using their ScoreVision software and video boards!

12. Robotics Competitions

If your school has a robotics club, you can host robotics tournaments using ScoreVision’s built-in activity timer like Delaware County Christian School did!

13. Summer Camps

If you host summer skills camps in your gym or stadium, you can display welcome graphics and announcements and stream live demonstrations or pre-recorded video on the displays to help campers learn the drills more effectively.

14. Presentations

Support meetings, pep rallies, lectures, guest speakers, and other presentations by showing a slide presentation on the high-resolution displays.

15. Academic Classes

Display activities that benefit students in the classroom. Sycamore High School displayed the quiz game Kahoot as well as a live stream of the 2017 total solar eclipse on their video board!

16. Guest Speakers

Cardinal Mooney High School invited a guest speaker to present at a school assembly, but he was unable to attend in person. Instead, he FaceTimed a school representative and the presentation was shown on the LED display in real time!

17. Community Events

Host community events in your gym or stadium by displaying graphics, videos, lyrics, live video feeds, and more on your ScoreVision display. These events could include banquets, concerts, memorial services, religious services, talent shows, and more. Check out how Delaware County Christian School hosted an Easter church service in the photo below!

18. School Dances

Complement school dances held in your gym with music videos, graphics, and animations. Celebrate the winning prom royalty with celebratory graphics or a live feed of the crowning like Jackson County Central High School did in the photo below!

19. Recruiting

ScoreVision software gives you the flexibility to quickly upload graphics and photos to welcome potential recruits to your state-of-the-art facility, which will impress recruits and draw them to your program. Watch our short video below to see how a ScoreVision system has helped Iowa Western Community College elevate their recruiting game!


20. Fairs and Exhibits

Enhance the experience of career fairs, craft fairs, orientations, parent meetings, cultural fairs, and other exhibits held in your gym by displaying helpful information, directional signage, and other graphics on the multimedia displays. Take a look at how Brownell Talbot School used their displays for their multicultural fair below.

More Ways to Use LED Displays

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