All across the country, colleges of all sizes are turning to an innovative new option when it comes to upgrading their scoreboards and enhancing their fan experience. Dubbed the “Affordable Jumbotron”, LED displays powered by ScoreVision software  brings the immersive experience of professional venues to colleges of every size at a fraction of the cost of competitive systems. Now, any college venue can afford to incorporate this technology into their game-time experience. ScoreVision’s innovative software and LED displays have brought many benefits to colleges of every size. Check out the benefits below and hear it from our customers in the short video!

Improving the Recruiting Process

Demonstrate your commitment to state-of-the-art technology and to providing a top-notch college experience to recruits with ScoreVision software and LED video boards. Show recruits what they could look like in your team’s gear on the video board to make them feel like they belong on your team, display simple “welcome” graphics to prospective students touring your campus, and highlight the student experience you offer that they can’t get at other schools.

Enhancing the Fan Experience

Bring the experience of professional sports venues right into your college gym and stadium by incorporating energizing animations, graphics, live video, tunnel walk videos, player profiles, instant replays, and so many other multimedia features into your versatile, customized LED video scoreboard. All of these features are extremely easy to showcase during game-time with our user-friendly, iPad-based scoring and event production software that don’t require a dedicated team or staff of professionals to operate.

Improve Fundraising Efforts

A professional game-time experience opens up a world of possibilities for infusing sponsors into the fan experience. ScoreVision software infuses automatic digital ad sequences into the game experience so your sponsors can get optimal ad placements during your games and events with minimal effort from your production crew. From digital banner ads to full TV commercial-style content to sponsored fan activities and giveaways, sponsors can see real results and come back to support your program year after year.

Increasing Real-World Educational Opportunities for Students

Students majoring in fields like broadcasting, animation, graphic design, sales, marketing, programming, and more can all get involved with producing amazing game-time experiences. Allowing students to sell sponsorships, design graphic and animated content, broadcast the games, and run the system provides them with real-world experience that will benefit them in their future careers.

Engaging the Community Through Alternative Uses

Choosing a multimedia LED display over more traditional fixed-digit scoreboards means colleges have the flexibility to use their video board system for a number of other purposes, including hosting graduation ceremonies, banquets, fundraisers, and any other events you can imagine. Plus, athletes can benefit from real-time feedback, game film review, skills demonstrations, and more on the large, high-definition displays. The possibilities for using a ScoreVision multimedia display system are only limited by your imagination!

Watch our short video below to see how colleges across the country are benefitting from ScoreVision jumbotron systems!

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