Jackson County Central High School in Jackson, MN is one of several schools in the state that have experienced incredible benefits since upgrading to ScoreVision jumbotron systems. Joining other Minnesota schools in the ScoreVision Family like Brainerd HighMound Westonka HighMontevideo High, and others, Jackson County Central High has put the system to use in their school to serve many purposes outside of simply keeping score.

Watch our short video below and explore the 3 ways ScoreVision is having a major impact in this school!



Innovative Opportunities for Students

A ScoreVision jumbotron display offers a unique opportunity to showcase student work at games and other events such as fundraisers, graduation ceremonies, pep rallies, and more. Students can produce the content that appears on the displays, plus they can learn valuable real-world skills by planning and producing games and events, running the display, and other tasks. Activities Director Eric Tvinnereim intends to use the ScoreVision system to do exactly that: “Eventually, my goal is to turn this entire program over to a student group so that the students create the content, the students manage the boards, they run the boards.” These opportunities simply can’t be offered by a traditional metal-box scoreboard!

Unlimited Flexibility and Alternative Uses

Another major difference between a ScoreVision jumbotron system and a traditional scoreboard is the incredible flexibility of the LED display and softwareA ScoreVision system transforms high school gyms into professional arenas with a variety of innovative features, enhancing the game-day experience for players and fans. “The more we add videos and things like that, the more the crowd gets involved,” says Tvinnereim. “We’ve got gymnastics, boys and girls basketball, and wrestling, and all of them have a hype video, so that plays before the game or the event and the crowd really enjoys that. We’ve got pictures of our players that come up on the screen at different times. There’s a lot of information on the screens that the crowd and the fans can see, whether it be our leaderboard, stat boards, things like that. So I think it definitely adds to the overall experience at the game.”

Outside of keeping score at games, the displays can be used for so many other purposes. Tvinnereim says Jackson County Central has utilized the system to support events like pep rallies, graduation ceremonies, and school dances. This flexibility was a key consideration in Tvinnereim’s decision to upgrade to ScoreVision: “There’s so much more you can do with it, they’re so much more versatile whether it be in a game or in just any kind of activity, it just gives you a lot of flexibility. I would strongly encourage everybody that’s looking to give ScoreVision a good look.

Increased Revenue for School Programs

Having all of this innovative technology and flexibility seems like it would blow any athletic budget out of the water, but Tvinnereim explains “it was much more affordable than other companies.” Plus, the integrated digital ad sequencing technology that comes standard with every ScoreVision system offers sustainable, recurring revenue for the Huskies athletics program.

Learn more about these three areas of impact directly from Activities Director Eric Tvinnereim in this short 3-minute video below!Interested in learning more? Check out last week’s recap of ScoreVision’s very first Summer Creative Camp and stay tuned for next week’s post on even more alternative use ideas for a ScoreVision jumbotron system!

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