As new and existing scoreboard companies begin to add LED video displays to their lineup of scoreboard solutions, it can be difficult for customers to compare options and find the right solution for their unique facilityOne thing that sets ScoreVision apart is our foundation as a software company.

While decades-old scoreboard companies bring their outdated technology to their LED video display solutions, ScoreVision started fresh in 2015 as a software company on a mission to rethink video scoreboard technology and how it can be used to elevate the game-day experience in schools and facilities, engage the community through alternative uses, and bridge the gap between athletics and academics using our jumbotrons and software. Three short years later, customers all across the country are ditching outdated metal-box scoreboards and reaping the benefits of choosing ScoreVision over traditional scoreboard companies.

Explore the 3 reasons why you should look to a software company for your upgrade to LED video scoreboards below and hear it straight from our customers in this short video.



Innovative, Easy-to-Use Software

As a software company, our focus is on developing the most robust yet user-friendly software in the industry. By constantly gathering and implementing customer feedback into our scorekeeping, content management, and event production software, we’re making a difference in the way that scorekeepers, production staff, coaches, and other athletic staff approach game day.

But don’t take it from us – hear it from our customers:

“It's much easier to run than our older scoreboards were and all of my scorekeepers will attest to that. They like this much better,” said Bob Grey, Activities Director at Montevideo High School.

“Within like a half hour I was comfortable walking around with it, using it by myself. I didn’t have very many questions and I thought it was really easy to pick up on,” explained Leanne Schnurer, Director of Game-Day Experience and Fan Engagement at Oakland University.

Fast, Effective Customer Support

Another thing ScoreVision customers rave about is our fast, friendly, virtual customer support. With IP-controllable racks and cameras fixed on your scoreboard, our Customer Support Team can troubleshoot quickly and easily over the phone so you can focus on your next game or event, not your scoreboard technology.

Chris Harper, Dean of Advancement at Grace Preparatory Academy, explains it best: “This is probably the first vendor we’ve worked with that I can say that every time we’ve called, they’ve answered the phone on the first call. Every time we call, they have immediate answers for the questions we have, and if they don’t have the answer they get it and get back to us within 10-15 minutes. I love that there’s cameras in our gym and they can tap in and visually see our scoreboards from where they’re at and troubleshoot any need we have.”

Continuous Growth and Innovation

While competitive scoreboard companies focus most attention on hardware, ScoreVision is dedicated to improvement in all areas – we use the highest quality, durable hardware with industry-leading warranties; we frequently update our scorekeeping and event production software to add cutting-edge functionality while remaining the most user-friendly software on the market; and we’re constantly supplying customers with creative content ideas that keep the jumbotrons looking fresh.

Plus, our customers are always coming up with creative alternative uses for their video displays, like graduation ceremonies, movie nights, pep rallies, presentations, and more, which guarantee the jumbotrons won’t go unused most of the week like metal-box scoreboards do.

Hear it from Missy Townsend, Athletic Director at Prescott High School: “ScoreVision doesn’t just stay with the same old, same old. Every season there’s constantly new updates and upgrades to the apps, the Producer, the system, and to our own school’s media displays. Once you buy them, you’re not just gone or forgotten about. I’m not going to have to worry about feeling like my scoreboard is outdated in five or ten years from now because the content created by ScoreVision really keeps the boards, the apps, the different things growing and beautiful, for lack of a better word.”

The bottom line is, choosing a software company over a scoreboard company means you get us. You get our amazing customer support, our constant innovations and ideas, and frequent updates and new functionality – all without sacrificing the quality of the hardware.

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