When Mound Westonka High School began looking for a way to display heart rate monitoring software during PE classes, they stumbled onto a solution that would end up giving their school more functionality than they ever expected.

They evaluated many options for displaying the heart rate software and upgrading their scoreboards, but ultimately chose ScoreVision because of its user-friendly fan engagement features and its flexibility to support a multitude of alternative uses. “I tell people the last thing they are used for is really scoreboards,” explains Activities Director Jeff Peterson. “We use them for just about everything and anything.”

Engaging the School and Community Through Alternative Uses

In our short video below, Peterson explains some of the many ways they use their ScoreVision system beyond its scoreboard functionality.

“We’ve used our scoreboards for graduation, we have different assemblies and celebrations, pep fests,” said Peterson. “Whenever we send a team off to State, which is a fun opportunity to get all of our student body in front of the displays, typically we have a highlight video that we’ll show. We’ve used them for parent night, we use it for Trackwrestling, where we display the Trackwrestling program up in a spot where kids know where they’re supposed to be. It takes away the need for an announcer which is kind of nice because when you’ve got four mats going on, it’s just a lot of background talk that takes away from that environment and that experience.” Peterson says the displays are also used to show Hudl game film for the various teams, among many other alternative uses in their gym.

Enhancing the Fan Experience

When the Whitehawks do use their ScoreVision jumbotron system during games, “it’s definitely an improvement in the fan experience” according to Peterson. “The [player] accolades are great, the on-demand videos, the ability to input player pictures and profiles. Honestly there just seems to be nothing that you can’t do on there.”

And parents and fans from other schools have noticed the improvement in the game-day atmosphere, too.

“I had a parent/fan say to me from the opposing school after the game, ‘hey, that was worth my $6 tonight. Your boards are awesome.’”

Hear more about Mound Westonka High School’s journey, alternative use ideas, and improved game-day atmosphere in our short video below!



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