Baldwin-Woodville High School recently joined the ScoreVision Family with the installation of a pair of 6mm, iB1810 and iB1007 ScoreVision displays in their gym.

The entire project took less than six months from start to finish, and the administration at Baldwin-Woodville High School had a smooth experience with the ScoreVision Team, noting that "working with everyone involved with ScoreVision has been fantastic and we appreciate the customer service we have received and look forward to developing a great relationship."

The school has approximately 470 students, serving the 5,000 members of the surrounding communities of Baldwin and Woodville, Wisconsin. The school's administration first learned about ScoreVision when they saw it in person at nearby Somerset High School. The school's principal, Dave Brandvold, knew immediately that a ScoreVision system would help take the athletic and non-athletic events held in their gym to the next level. Additionally, Brandvold was excited about the opportunities for curriculum and real-world educational experiences that the system could provide in the classroom.

At the time of the installation, Dave had a handful of advertising partners secured, which will completely pay for the system. From that point on, the system will continue to generate meaningful revenue for the school and their athletics programs.

"Our sponsors in our two communities never questioned the importance and were very receptive and excited for the school and community," said Brandvold. "The board is already a positive influence on our sports teams as they feel valued by the school and administration."

We can't wait to see the impact that ScoreVision will have on the students and community at Baldwin-Woodville High School!

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