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ScoreVision has been hard at work this summer polishing off multiple new features and games to help our customers engage their fans next season and beyond. In our latest major release, we have made significant upgrades to two core components of ScoreVision's software – the Scorekeeper App and the Fan App – and released a brand-new product that makes producing sports video content easier than ever!

Explore the latest new products and features available to ScoreVision customers below.

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Capture Video Highlights

With this update and the recent release of the ScoreVision Capture App, capturing footage of exciting game action has never been easier. The Capture App allows users to create short video clips of exciting moments of a game. 

The ScoreVision Capture App can be used by multiple people stationed throughout your gym, stadium, or facility to gather clips from multiple angles.

The ScoreVision Capture App makes video highlights a breeze: simply press record at an exciting moment in the game, and the app will capture a 10-second clip leading up to that moment plus a short duration after it. The clip is automatically sent to your ScoreVision Cloud account for processing and storage. Within seconds, the clip is ready for you to share it to your Fan App, play it on connected LED displays, and even download the video to share it on social media or to use it in the creation of hype videos and other team content.

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Share Highlights to Fan App and LED Displays

When a Capture App user finishes capturing a Moment clip, they can decide to send it to the Fan App, Producer App, neither, or both. This sends the clip to ScoreVision Cloud for processing and moderation. From there, a moderator can quickly and easily decide whether the clip should be made available in the Producer App to be played on connected ScoreVision displays. The moderator can also decide whether the clip should be shown in the Fan App.

Moments that are sent to the Fan App appear within the stream of game events right in context of when it happened in the game. There is also a new Moments tab in Fan App, allowing fans to watch all the Moments captured during that game.

All Moments are automatically saved to your ScoreVision Cloud account where you can easily preview and download the clips to share on social media, play on your video display via Producer App, and even use later to create hype content.

Score Away Games

ScoreVision's latest release also includes the ability to score away games and give your fans a consistent Fan App experience even when games are played in a facility without a ScoreVision system. Simply bring along an iPad to your away games to run the Scorekeeper App and keep score as usual. All scores, game events, and relevant stats will be saved in ScoreVision Cloud and automatically fed to the Fan App, keeping your fans informed and your game data complete throughout the season.

Tournament View in Fan App

Another upgrade to the Fan App includes a new way to follow games during a tournament. With the new Tournament View, fans can filter by team or by the fields on which the games are played.

ScoreVision Software Helps Teams Engage Fans

ScoreVision software is constantly evolving to help teams, schools, and facilities engage their fans everywhere. From scoring and game production to fan engagement and fundraising, ScoreVision software makes it easy to engage and inform fans on a professional level. Contact us today to learn how ScoreVision software can benefit your team.

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