Content Creators: The Production Side of Game Day 
Enhancing your high school athletic gameday experience using the video board can add excitement and engagement for both players and fans. Here are some video production tips to help you make the most of this technology:
  1. Pre-Game Preparation

Plan ahead: Develop a script or rundown for the video board content for pre-game, in-game, and halftime segments.  This could include announcements, advertisements, hype videos, starting lineups, music playlists, band performances, game updates and more.

Upload content to the cloud: Ensure you have loaded all the necessary resources, such as your game-day graphics, static ads and videos.  We recommend you get your game setup in the cloud before you upload all your content to your Media Library.  Once your content is loaded into the cloud and set as active, you will then be able to “Load Media” in your producer app and can now organize your content in the Producer app, around your script.

  1. High-Quality Video and Audio

When making video content for your ScoreVision board, be sure to use high quality HD cameras to get the best clarity, not only for your pre-produced videos, but for your live action camera as well.

Whether you’re making announcements, or playing hype music to get the crowd going, your audio is extremely important.  Be sure that the videos you upload to the cloud have good quality audio, and that your audio levels for media and microphones are tested and set before each event.

  1. Graphics and Animation

Create engaging graphics: Utilize your program's brand to design eye-catching graphics for player profiles, statistics, and score updates.    Engaging graphics and animations will capture the attention of your fans and will create a much more immersive experience. 

Animated transitions: Use animated transitions between different segments to maintain audience interest and attention.  Having animations such as “3-Pointer” “Touchdown” & “Make Some Noise” ready to go for big moments will help get your fans more involved.

  1. Crowd Engagement Content

Get your fans even more involved by showing live or pre-produced videos of enthusiastic fans, cheerleaders, and student sections to boost team spirit and get the crowd going.

Another great way to get your fans involved is with pregame or halftime contests, games or fun trivia.  Dance offs, foot races, look alike cams, team trivia, t-shirt tosses, or giveaways are excellent ways to get your fans engaged

  1. Interviews and Features

A great way to entertain your guests and help promote your sponsors are player and coach interviews.  Conduct entertaining live interviews or showcase pre-recorded interviews with your coaches and student athletes to be played during pregame and halftime to give insights about your team and the season progress. 

Creating an Alumni night is a great example of how you can engage your former students and athletes who have gone on to achieve success in their careers.  Showcasing them through video, slide or in-game shoutout promotes community cohesion. 

  1. Halftime Entertainment

Feature halftime entertainment during your event with band performances, dance routines, or even highlights or hype videos to keep fans entertained.  

Halftime is a good time to showcase and invite special guests like high achieving students, local celebrities or alumni to make appearances during halftime.  Having the guests give a speech or participate in a fun game will keep your fans engaged during the break.

Creating a second half hype video to bring your team back out is also another great way to get your fans excited and gear up for the 2nd half.  

  1. Sponsorship Integration

ScoreVision allows for organizations to get their communities involved by giving sponsors visibility on the video board with strategically placed logos and advertisements.

Sponsorship integration doesn’t have to just be a graphic or an advertisement.  You can also get sponsors involved in the game by incorporating sponsored content into the gameday, such as "Player of the Game" or “Fan of The Game.” 

  1. Practice & Rehearsal 

One of the more overlooked aspects to putting on a great event is conducting rehearsals.  Be sure to get your script and staff together before game day.  Make sure all of your content has been set to active in the cloud, and is loaded into your Producer app. Have your staff practice triggering videos and graphics on the board to ensure smooth operation on gameday.

During your rehearsal don’t forget to test your equipment! Regularly test cameras, microphones, and software to avoid technical issues.

  1. Feedback & Improvement 

Once your event is complete collect feedback and gather input from fans, athletes, and staff to continually improve the gameday experience.  

Technology moves at a lightning pace, so be willing to adapt and evolve to stay up-to-date with video production trends and technology to enhance the experience over time. Your show becomes great with practice and time so be patient!

Remember, the goal is to create an engaging and memorable gameday experience for everyone involved, so have fun and be creative with your video board production effort.