Atmospheric qualities of space can often influence performance. If you had to pick your favorite stadium or arena to play in, chances are it included 360 seating and a center-hung display. There is a culture in sports. It is often created by loud music, cheering fans, the smell of popcorn, competitive athletes, and a craving for success. When we know the game winning-point is about to occur or the timer is about to run out, we fix our gaze on the scoreboard. When a referee makes a bad call and we strongly object, we fix our eyes on the replay at the center of the court nearly 20 feet in the air. 

ScoreVision offers the ability for facilities to create a professional-level experience at ease. Our focus is on your athletes’ success; we know your displays are essential when creating a game-winning atmosphere. In 2021, Calvin University replaced their aging center-hung LED scoreboard with a Samsung display powered by our ScoreVision software. In addition to previously experiencing technical issues with their original center-hung, they were also confronted with challenges when creating a game-day experience with limited staff who had difficulty operating the system. Their facility was looking for the opportunity to use software that could be easily managed and used by individuals without sacrificing the professional quality of their game-day production.  


ScoreVision’s software is easily manageable by one or two individuals using a mobile tablet to operate the scorekeeping function and production features. ScoreVision Scorekeeper Apps feature a game-like interface that is user-friendly and easy to learn. Our innovative app-based production software makes it easier than ever to run an engaging game-time production, trigger media content, and control your connected LED display, all by one person from one central device.

Calvin University isn’t the only facility to see the advantages of using a center-hung display and our ScoreVision software. At the beginning of 2022, ScoreVision installed a center-hung display at Firelake Arena in Oklahoma in time for them to host the Great American Conference (GAC) men’s and women’s basketball tournament. The arena seats more than 3,000 fans and previously hosted concerts, conventions, boxing, and bowling tournaments. The GAC tournament was the first basketball sporting event at the arena since opening in 2014.  Using the ScoreVision software, Firelake successfully hosted 14 games over a four-day timeframe with 16 Division II NCAA men’s and women’s basketball teams. The software allowed their facility to streamline preparation and create a professional game-day experience using a small media and production team with only one person necessary to operate the system. For more information about how your athletic facility may benefit from our software, schedule a demo with a representative from the ScoreVision team.