An upgrade to ScoreVision multimedia jumbotrons allows schools a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between academics and athletics by building curriculums for students interested in marketing, business, design, technology, computer science, broadcasting, and other areas of interest. In addition to benefitting the athletics program with modern scoreboard technology, ScoreVision’s multimedia displays provide students with the opportunity to learn real-world skills in whatever career they choose, plus soft skills like communication, collaboration, teamwork, handling criticism, and managing deadlines. The ScoreVision system not only replaces scoreboard functionality, its benefits reach throughout the classroom and community.

"This technology has added functionality that we’ve never had before. It gives students an opportunity to showcase creative ability that is seen by fans and parents and gives students an opportunity to support student-athletes…It has really brought our students together in new and exciting ways,” explains Rob Uchtman, Director of Technology, Brownell Talbot School.

Hear from a few ScoreVision schools who have taken advantage of the educational opportunities afforded by the ScoreVision system in the short video below!

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