Schools and facilities all across America are ditching the outdated, basic metal scoreboards.  As schools are looking to update their facilities, many are looking into LED multimedia displays for their outdoor scoreboard solution.  You may be apart of a program looking to do just that – wanting to bring an outdoor LED scoreboard to your state-of-the-art facility.  If so, there are key factors in pairing a scoring and production software with a new LED video scoreboard.  What you need is the ultimate sports software that is user friendly and introduces a cohesive fan experience.  You have come to the right place.  At ScoreVision, we bring a professional experience to high school facilities that is so easy-to-use and so affordable that anyone can do it.  Our ScoreVision software integrates with nearly any LED video scoreboard in your facility and communicates with our SV Fan App to reach fans beyond your campus.  Here are key factors that make ScoreVision software standout to any other LED sports software. 

The Benefits

Sports–Specific Scorekeepers

ScoreVision has transformed the game experience in high school and college outdoor facilities with our innovative SV Scorekeeping Apps.  Our scorekeepers are unique to each sport in your facility and are programed with built-in sport specific game logic and game-like interfaces – including Football, Soccer, and Lacrosse, as well as options for Baseball and Softball and more.  In addition to game functionality, each scorekeeper utilizes an option for player accolades to highlight individuals after standout moments such as touchdowns, goals or home-runs. 

Middletown HS Football Scorekeeper-2

User-Friendly Production

ScoreVision’s innovative app-based production software makes it easier than ever to run an engaging game-time production, trigger media content, and control your connected LED displays.  Multimedia scoreboards bring excitement to the game day experience, giving high school teams the ability to show animations, hype videos, and other media content that excite fans and the community! 

The ScoreVision Producer App makes it easier than ever to toggle between layouts like full scoreboard, full video, video + scoreboard, and more. The best part is that the layouts are pre-built, optimized by ScoreVision, and ready to use the moment you power up your LED scoreboards.

Easily organize, upload, and assign your media content from the SV Cloud; ranging from graphics and player profiles to hype videos, tunnel walk videos, hype animations like “Touchdown”, and advertising.  You can create playlists and mark your favorite content for even easier access or create a sequence to have a more dynamic ad experience throughout the game. Sequences feature rotating content that's assigned to different zones on the scoreboard. 

Eastwood Student Production Booth with Producer App

Multi-Use Options

With the ScoreVision Software and an outdoor LED scoreboard, you can enhance more than just sports.  Utilize the display to perform an outdoor graduation ceremony or other award celebrations.  Bring the school outside for a homecoming pep rally fit with your schools hype videos and homecoming court announcements.  Open your stadium up for community events and fundraisers with timers, graphics or even messages from guest speakers. Even use a board for a movie night under the stars.   Check out more options for non-athletic events and purposes for inspiring on how to get the most out of your LED displays.

Don Edwards Park 2519 Movie Night

Advertising Uses

Opportunities for sponsorship revenue are seamlessly integrated throughout the ScoreVision platform. Our cutting-edge software incorporates dynamic digital advertising possibilities across the entire platform, empowering your team to generate consistent income by engaging with fans both at your facility and through the ScoreVision Fan App. From the Fan App to video scoreboards and LED scorer’s tables, all our connected displays offer prime advertising space that is effortless to sell, manage, and track with the help of SV Cloud

Millard Buell Stadium 3426 Football Video Scoreboard Pregame with Advertise Here 2

Unbeatable Sports Synergy 

Get more out of your sports working together with easy advertising management and distribution to all your facilities events.  Having multiple ScoreVision systems and a single SV Cloud, you can offer advertising packages for all your sports and generate revenue all year long. 

If you already have the ScoreVision Software for your indoor facilities, you are in luck!  When adding any outdoor facility to your plan, you are able to connect your existing SV Cloud to all the facilities using the ScoreVision Software.  Manage each sport's season and utilize media across all events with a single cloud account. 

With multiple systems, the free SV Fan App can act as a one-stop-spot for all your sports teams profiles with live stats, scores, and even options for live streaming any game with SV Capture App.  Give your fans the ability engage with any sport all year long. 


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