How to Use the ScoreVision Capture App

The ScoreVision Capture App has joined ScoreVision's lineup of scoring, production, and fan engagement software. This exciting addition puts the power to engage fans through video – inside and outside of your venue – in your hands.

This app-based video solution makes it easier than ever to create and share multiple types of video content during your games and events. Learn how to incorporate the three modes of the Capture App into your games and events below.

When to Use Moments Mode

The Moments mode in the ScoreVision Capture App makes it easy to capture any type of short, exciting shots. Moments are 10-second clips surrounding a "recordable moment", such as a point scored. Moments clips are created by pressing a button right when that moment occurs – like when the basketball goes through the hoop – and the app automatically takes the previous 7 seconds and the future 3 seconds surrounding the moment to create a 10-second clip framed around the "recordable moment."

Multiple iPads running Capture App can be used throughout any game or event, so consider stationing several students throughout your gym or stadium equipped with a Capture App iPad and encourage them to create Moments clips of the action from each of their unique angles in the facility. From the initial play to points scored and any moment that brings fans to the edge of their seats, Moments mode is perfect for capturing those short clips.

Once they are recorded, the user simply tags it for Fan App or Producer App, sending it to one or both of those locations for fans to watch – all within seconds. All Moments clips are also saved to ScoreVision Cloud where you can preview and download them to share on social media, play them on your connected video display, and even use later to create hype content.

4 Ways to Use LiveCam Mode

The LiveCam mode in the ScoreVision Capture App uses features within the iPad to instantly share footage directly from the iPad's camera up to a connected video display in real time. This footage is not saved or stored anywhere, but is instead designed to amplify real-time action by showing it on a display. Here are 4 opportunities to use LiveCam mode to engage fans within your venue:

  • Starting lineups: Position a Capture App user on the court or field where players come out during starting lineups. Enter LiveCam mode right before starting lineups are announced to show a closer view of the players coming onto the field or court!
  • Tunnel walks: Similar to starting lineups, position a Capture App user near the "tunnel" to share the excitement of the tunnel walk onto the video display.
  • Fan cam: Fans love seeing themselves on the big screen! There are few better ways to get fans excited than seeing themselves and fellow fans on the video display. LiveCam makes it easy to do a fan cam – simply position a Capture App user in the stands and share a live fan cam, dance cam, or other activity onto the display.
  • Halftime performances: Support the dance team, cheer team, and other groups that perform during halftime using LiveCam mode. Position a Capture App user in view of the performance, place the iPad on a tripod for added stability, and share a close-up view of the performance on the big screen.

4 Ideas for Using PlayAction Mode

The PlayAction mode in ScoreVision Capture App allows users to create videos up to two minutes in length, which are stored in ScoreVision Cloud and can be shared to the ScoreVision Fan App. To use PlayAction mode, simply press record and the app records up to two minutes of footage. You can stop filming at any time before the two minutes.

This longer video format empowers teams to share all kinds of video content to fans following along via our free Fan App. Here are 4 ways you can create and share video content with PlayAction mode:

  • Game footage: PlayAction mode is a great way to share two-minute segments of intense game action, such as the last two minutes of a period or game, to the Fan App. 
  • Award ceremonies: Record short award presentations or recognition ceremonies that occur before or during a game. Share these special events with fans who can't witness them in person.
  • Halftime performances: Record two-minute portions of halftime activities and performances by the cheer and dance teams, band, or other groups.
  • Announcements: Record short announcements to be shared with fans inside and outside your venue. These could be PA announcements, awareness of upcoming events like school dances or fundraisers, or other important messages.

ScoreVision Software

The ScoreVision Capture App is an exciting addition to ScoreVision's suite of software that brings the game-time experience of professional sporting venues to any athletic program or event. Like the rest of our ecosystem of scoring, production, video, and content management software, the ScoreVision Capture App gives you new ways to engage fans, generate fundraising revenue, educate students, and more. 

The Capture App empowers schools and teams everywhere to engage their fans with video content and we can't wait to see the creative ways our customers use this new technology. Tag @GetScoreVision on Twitter to show us how you are using the Capture App software and the rest of your ScoreVision system!

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