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In today's world of sports, many fans stay on top of sporting events from their phone. Most fans of college and pro sports have at least one fan app installed on their phone, which they use instead of or in addition to attending games in person.

In the past, this technology often involved expensive, custom app development that only elite college and pro teams could afford. Now thanks to recent developments in high school sports software, high schools can also have a fan app – and with changes and limitations to how fans may be able to cheer on their teams in-venue, having a fan app will set your high school athletics program apart now and in the long term.

Learn what a fan app is and how your high school sports teams can use it to engage fans this season and beyond.

What is a fan app?

At its core, a fan app is a mobile app that helps teams inform and engage their fans. Most fan apps include some form of score updates, stats, and team branding like logos, colors, and your mascot.

Fan apps tend to be very popular among college and professional teams, where technology budgets allow for teams to build custom fan apps. Until recently, fan apps have not been affordable and user-friendly enough for high school sports teams to benefit from them, but that is changing thanks to advancements in scoring and fan engagement software.

Why do high school sports teams need a fan app?

As fans' expectations continue to evolve, a fan app that helps your team evolve with it will become increasingly important. Here are four reasons your high school athletics program needs a fan app:

  • Fan apps give teams the flexibility to engage fans anywhere. Fan apps allow fans to follow your games even if they can't make it to the event in-person. Whether your team is traveling for away games or your program is looking for ways to engage fans despite limitations on in-person attendance, allowing fans to get score updates and experience the game through video content and other interactive features builds a more passionate fan base.
  • Fan apps help teams meet and exceed the growing expectations of fans. The expectations of today's sports fans are constantly evolving. There's a good chance that the fans attending your high school teams' games are also fans of college and professional teams, where they may become used to the fan engagement features of their fan apps and the convenience of following those games from their phone. Integrating a fan app into your sports program helps you engage those fans just like the pros, allowing you to build a fan base that is just as loyal to your high school program as they are to their favorite professional team.
  • Fan apps are a simple and affordable way to engage fans for all sports in your program. While facility upgrades may be reserved for the more prominent sports in your school's program, a fan app creates an easy, cost-effective opportunity for all sports to build engaged fan bases. Fan apps can equip all sports, indoor and outdoor, at levels ranging from freshman and reserve to JV and varsity, to inform and engage their fans.
  • Fan apps can serve as a fundraising tool. Some fan apps, including ScoreVision's mobile Fan App, include advertising placements throughout the app to give your athletic program more revenue streams. Find even more tips for sports fundraising here.

How ScoreVision's Fan App can help your school

The ScoreVision Fan App is at the heart of our integrated software platform for high school sports. Access to the ScoreVision Fan App is included in your subscription to ScoreVision's scoring, fan engagement, and video capture software system for sports programs and includes advanced features such as:

  • Scores and stats: Our Fan App includes up-to-the-minute scores, stats, and game updates, plus access to rosters, player profiles, game schedules, and more.
  • Video content: Sports video content is crucial to today's fans. The ScoreVision Fan App engages fans with easy-to-capture video content ranging from short highlights to full-length live streams, all alongside important game information.
  • School branding: The ScoreVision Fan App is personalized to your school by infusing your team colors, logo, mascot, and opportunities for branded graphics.
  • Fundraising opportunities: With multiple placements for sponsor ads, the ScoreVision Fan App can unlock additional fundraising opportunities for your athletic program.
  • Seamless integration with scoring and video capabilities: All scores, video content, branding, and other content in the ScoreVision Fan App are automatically fed from ScoreVision's cloud-based scoring and video capture software. That means you get a complete fan app experience without burdening your scorekeepers with additional work and data entry.
  • Constant innovations, updates, and new features: The ScoreVision Fan App is built in-house by a team that is constantly evolving our software to bring pro-level features to high schools everywhere. Your ScoreVision software subscription unlocks frequent updates and new features across your entire suite of scoring, fan engagement, and video capture software. With ScoreVision, your team is always on the leading edge of technology!

If your sports program is looking to level-up the way you engage fans, ScoreVision software is here to help your team adapt and enhance your fan experience.

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