New Streaming Features in ScoreVision Fan Engagement Platform

As part of ScoreVision's commitment to constant innovation, we are proud to announce the addition of streaming features to our integrated platform for scoring, fan engagement, and video capture.

These new features will help our customers adapt to the ways that the fan experience is evolving due to COVID-19 and leverage advancements in sports video technology to help them engage their fans now and in the long term.

In addition to the short-form video content from our brand-new ScoreVision Capture App, customers can now engage their fans with full-length live streams in their Fan App, on YouTube Live, and on a custom streaming webpage.

Our new streaming functionality seamlessly adds crucial broadcasting functionality to our lineup of scoring, production, fan engagement, and video capture software backed by top-notch customer support. Now, teams at all levels of competition will be able to share and monetize live streams to their fans.

Beyond the basic live-streaming of traditional streaming solutions on the market, ScoreVision’s new streaming solution is designed to:

  • Integrate with our scoring software, which provides a scorebug on your livestream and eliminates the headache of double data entry;
  • Provide a Fan App personalized to your athletic program featuring scores, stats, video content, and more in a cloud-based system that centralizes your school’s game data;
  • Enhance fundraising efforts with built-in advertising placements in-stream, on other video content, and throughout the Fan App;
  • Minimize upfront hardware costs, training; and
  • Help schools maintain the short-term and long-term rights to their school’s video content.

In contrast to solutions designed solely for streaming, this new streaming functionality helps schools do more with software they already have as part of their ScoreVision software package. This includes the ability to engage their fans through a variety of easy-to-capture video content. This content ranges from short 10-second highlight clips to longer game videos to full-length streams, so fans everywhere can join in on the action.

This new streaming option is an alternative for schools who don’t want to trade convenience and low set-up costs for the ownership of their long-term video rights. Giving up the rights to your video content can mean your athletic program can’t reap the full benefits of sponsorship revenue and other usage of video content from your own games. ScoreVision is committed to helping schools maintain these rights, which becomes more crucial especially in the long run as video becomes more important to athletic programs at all levels of competition.

Interested in using an affordable and user-friendly streaming and fan engagement solution to engage your fans this season and beyond? Contact ScoreVision today to find the right solution for your facility.

About ScoreVision:

ScoreVision software brings professional-level fan experiences to athletic programs at all levels of competition. ScoreVision’s integrated, cloud-based software helps teams keep score, create professional game-time productions, capture the action in real-time, and share it with fans everywhere. Our all-in-one software system goes beyond game-day to help teams unlock new fundraising revenue, educate students, and experience more benefits that traditional scoreboard companies can’t offer.

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