While ScoreVision’s video capture software is mostly known for being an excellent fan engagement tool on gameday, some of our partner teams have discovered new ways to put it to best use. 

Houston Texans, an NFL team playing its home games at NRG Stadium, had been wanting a better solution for in-field practices. Traditionally the coach had to use poster boards with pictures on them as play cards, and analyze each play that way. If they wanted to film the game and play it back for analysis, typically they had to film the entire practice and watch the film in a projector room as a team. That means there was little opportunity for real-time feedback and optimization on the field during the practice. 

That was when the idea came up for a real-time, digitized play card solution that can be used on the field during practice. After several back-and-forth meetings between the Texans and the ScoreVision product team, a new product idea was formed and later became the Football Practice App



Here’s How It Works

By using ScoreVision’s Practice App, the Texans are able to deliver the play cards, video clips, live replays, automated period timers, and scoreboard simulations to the players via a giant 34’ x 26’ video board and two LED video boards on rolling carts. Every practice session is set up in the Cloud prior to each practice. With this, each practice experience can be started with the touch of a button and managed through a single app controller. 


Best of all, instead of waiting to watch video footage of the practice or review game film, coaches can give in-the-moment feedback and provide immediate visual training during each practice period. This makes feedback giving and coaching much more effective, and convenience for both the coaches and players.  

This solution isn’t built just for professional teams. High schools and even middle schools that primarily use ScoreVision for engaging fans on gameday can now also use the ScoreVision Football Practice App for practice. This way schools are maximizing their video board investment by utilizing it during trainings, and use the ScoreVision software ecosystem to achieve multiple purposes.  



If you represent a school, sports team or venue that’s interested in an easy-to-use fan engagement or instant video recording software solution, reach out to our team for a quick demo.