Basketball Video Scoreboard at Mid America Center Arena

Fans attending events at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, IA will be amazed by the recent installation of a stunning video display and ribbon panel set in the arena. The arena and convention center hosts events ranging from concerts to sporting events to conventions and more, which will now be enhanced by the event center's new 48x18' LED display and 30x4' ribbon panel powered by ScoreVision's robust yet easy-to-use scorekeeping and event production software.

With a super-fine 3.9mm pitch, the display offers crisp graphics and video whether fans are standing right under the display or on the opposite end of the arena. Plus, the innovative setup is versatile enough to allow the event center staff to separate the display into smaller boards and relocate them to other areas in the event center, such as the ballroom, to enhance any size or type of event.

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