Should and Should Not's of Streaming

It’s pertinent we have this conversation. In our last blog post, we planted the seed for additional ways you can use the ScoreVision system outside of athletics. We gave you a step-by-step guide for streaming movies and hosting a fundraising event. Before you do, we need to address a few more things about what you should and should not do when using your system for alternative purposes.



1. No matter what content you are streaming, you should obtain a license for it if you do not own it. 

Yes, unfortunately, that includes live sporting events, not to exclude any college or professional games. You can invite people to watch the game on a standard home device, but watching in a large group and on a system like ScoreVision is strictly prohibited without a license. Unfortunately, watch parties on non-standard devices is considered creating a public performance. For this reason, you must obtain a permit for any event at which you plan to stream content. Viewing content from another source without a license is an infringement of the Copyright Act and puts you and your organization at risk of legal action.

I know what you’re thinking; how can bars and restaurants air these big games? Here’s the answer; they have obtained a commercial, public viewing license through a TV provider. This option is costly and, even then, requires you to meet the qualifications necessary to make such a purchase. If you’re curious and want to learn more about this topic, you can visit Direct TV Plans: Business for more information.

2. Can we stream away games of our team? 

Yes, we offer you an option to live stream games, even from afar. ScoreVision has multiple streaming options, SV Playbook or SV Capture. You own the rights to the content you produce using a live streaming service. 

SV Playbook is designed for a team looking to utilize its existing camera system or upgrade its video solution using recommended camera equipment. If you’re looking to teach students about sports media and production, SV Playbook is a great option. Although, it may not be the easiest solution for streaming away games. It is still an excellent solution for casting content on your scoreboard during home games and streaming the game for family and friends who cannot attend in person. SV Playbook also allows schools to overlay a score bug on the stream. This is just one solution - but as previously stated - you may not find this the best solution when streaming at a facility that is not your own. 

The alternative is using SV Capture. It’s a simple video solution with many beneficial features. Your video is saved in the cloud and sent directly to a streaming service and the SV Fan App. You can stream games on the road or at home using a mobile device and tripod.

No matter what option you prefer, it’s crucial you recognize we are continually evolving our streaming capabilities. We understand the importance of growing your fan base and visibility in today’s sports industry. Your athletes need exposure, and your fans want accessibility. These solutions are vital to helping your program succeed. 

3. Enough about sports. Can I still stream movies?

Of course! If you want to watch a movie on your ScoreVision system, you can use the service we mentioned in our last blog post: A Night Under the Stars. This service helps you obtain the correct license and stream movies through their library. It’s always up to date with the latest releases. The blog post above gives you a step-by-step guide and movie recommendations. We even provided you with templates for ticket stubs, budgeting, and advertising. Check it out!  



You can use your system in many ways, including for graduation, trivia nights, award ceremonies, and more. But when it comes to streaming, you must be aware of what you should and should not do. If you’re unsure about an event involving streaming content, you should consult with legal counsel before pursuing it further. We hope this clears up any questions or concerns you have about streaming content on your big screens. Happy streaming!