If you’re in the market for a new scoreboard, you’ve likely heard about ScoreVision. We merge critical game information—like scoring—with fan engagement tools to create a professional, user-friendly, and affordable game-day experience. You also likely have heard a few rumors or myths about what our software can and cannot do. Before making any assumptions, let's debunk some common myths about ScoreVision.

4 Myths About ScoreVision

100% Wireless

1. ScoreVision Software is 100% wireless.  (FALSE)

ScoreVision is not a wireless system. Whether it's a hardware rack or the cameras we install for troubleshooting, we ensure our customers can host a game without concern about a lost connection. We have a small list of requirements for the system to operate: 

  • A designated circuit for the hardware rack.
  • Fiber or Ethernet connection (depending on distance). 
  • Power source to the LED scoreboard.

We also provide a Wireless Access Point (WAP) with the hardware rack to allow the iPads to operate wirelessly if desired. However, ScoreVision recommends hardwiring the iPad through an ethernet connection during the game. This ensures you don’t lose connection and also keeps the iPad charged. We offer the WAP partly for customers who want to review game footage or want to use iPads during practice. It is important to note that ScoreVision has an offline game mode if the school's internet does lose connection and you can still score a game. In those cases, new advertising and media content will not sync from the ScoreVision Cloud until the internet is restored. Any media pre-downloaded or loaded before losing connection will remain accessible. 

With the addition of accessories like data and power for shot clocks and backboard lights, ScoreVision does require hardwiring for data and power sources. If you want to connect a laptop, game console, or any other input to your indoor or outdoor system, you can use an HDMI cable to plug in directly. Schools often do this for eSports tournaments and other exciting events. 

Clock & Game Information_

2. Clock and game information isn't always visible on the scoreboard. (FALSE)

This is a myth. As part of your software subscription, ScoreVision offers customers a handful of pre-built layouts immediately upon installation. All of these layouts include game information and the game clock, with the exception of one: Standby and Full-Screen Video. These layouts should only be used when a full-screen moment is desired, like before warm-ups, between pre-game and team walkouts, and after the game. It's up to the production team to select the layouts they want to use.

All other layouts contain critical game information for referees, coaches, and fans. Each sport has its own recommended set of layouts. For example, basketball has a leaderboard option, while football has a stadium view option. Our standard scoreboard layout is designed for every sport to deliver information clearly and concisely. With ScoreVision, you could have one scoreboard for every sport. 

Layout Options

The selection or use of different layouts brings versatility to the system and allows for dynamic use by skilled professionals and high school volunteers.  If you aren't sure or have a staff member who has never operated our ScoreVision Producer App, we offer unlimited training for all customers. Our training team is an excellent resource for discovering ways to produce a professional experience. 

Warranty & Service

3. ScoreVision doesn't offer a warranty or service LED scoreboards. (FALSE)

ScoreVision is a software company. We are not the sole provider of LED scoreboards. However, if you are in the market for an LED scoreboard, we work with several manufacturers and distributors to bring you an all-in-one solution without needing to go anywhere else. The manufacturers and distributors we work with are hand-selected by ScoreVision through a rigorous vetting process. Those companies then enroll in our partnership program, where they form a direct line of contact with ScoreVision teams for support and services. The largest portion of the review process pertains to customer support when servicing LED displays. We also request information pertaining to their warranty. Due to this vetting process, ScoreVision customers receive industry-leading support services and the best warranty terms. 

In addition to the support and service of our LED partners, ScoreVision also provides additional support for many facets. Part of the installation for all ScoreVision products includes a camera system for remote troubleshooting. This enables the ScoreVision Support Team to have remote access instantaneously if a problem occurs and ensures a rapid response time. If, for any reason, the problem cannot be resolved remotely, we work with our partners and internal team to coordinate an onsite visit within a reasonable response time. At ScoreVision, we aren't just dedicated to your success; we invest in it. 


4. ScoreVision doesn't offer a curriculum. (NEUTRAL)

ScoreVision offers essential academic resources for digital media, marketing, and sports management to integrate within existing curriculums. We understand that curriculum is a loaded term for many districts nationwide. ScoreVision Academy introduces teaching guides, learning labs, and other additional resources to allow teachers flexibility when bringing these topics into the classroom.

In addition to ScoreVision Academy, ScoreVision also has a close relationship with Striv Education, which offers a certified curriculum for digital media and broadcasting. Striv Education is working with ScoreVision to present a more cohesive approach within the classroom for the entire game day experience. This includes operating live streams and hosting broadcasts on other external platforms. For more information on Striv Education, please visit their website at https://striv.education/programs.

ScoreVision software offers a comprehensive solution for schools and organizations looking to elevate their game-day experience. By debunking common myths about our software and services, we have highlighted the benefits of our system, including the ability to customize layouts, access reliable support for LED scoreboards, and integrate academic resources through ScoreVision Academy and partnerships with Striv Education. With a focus on providing top-notch customer service, remote troubleshooting capabilities, and an emphasis on enhancing the overall game-day experience, ScoreVision is a valuable tool for any school or organization looking to take its events to the next level.