New Feature Alert: ScoreVision's SV Announcements

Have you ever been to a wedding during prime football season? Our house has a rule; no one can schedule a wedding on Husker game day. (Yes, the author of this post is a Nebraska Cornhusker fan, please send all sympathy cards to 11742 Stonegate Circle). All jokes aside, fans love their teams. With the development of instantaneous news in the form of social media posts, rapid score updates are more of an expectation rather than a recommendation when communicating with fans. The minute the tides turn or the final score is declared, fans anxiously await the news in hopes of a victorious triumph. Even at the high school level, fans desperately want to stay informed. 

As part of our adaptation for sports during the pandemic, ScoreVision created a series of tools to help parents and fans keep tabs on events as they unfold. Our software company concentrates on the fan experience and community engagement aspect of sports. We provide solutions for teams to communicate in and out-of-venue using our SV Fan App, SV Capture, and our newest release -  SV Announcements. SV Announcements allow for a streamlined process when creating content and reaching fans on social media with little to no effort. Creating, scheduling, and posting on social media can be a hassle for those already tasked with ensuring an event runs smoothly. 

Here’s a breakdown of how the tool benefits teams: 

You can put the iPhone camera down.  You no longer need to take pictures of the scoreboard to update your fans or hire a third-party service to send out score updates. SV Announcements has a new automated option that pulls information from our ScoreVision scorekeepers and creates a graphic explicitly branded to your game with the current score and distributes it to either your SV Fan App, Twitter account, or both. Your team can instantaneously send out score updates to Twitter and the SV Fan App as game proceedings occur. 

Score updates, but make it sponsor-driven. Programs can include a sponsored advertisement by simply uploading the sponsor’s logo to the cloud and inserting it onto an automated announcement image. It may seem like a minor feature, but fundraising dollars are always hard to come by. This tool offers sponsors the opportunity for more coverage at a larger scale out-of-venue. Schools can promote the feature to businesses when they contact them about becoming a sponsor for their program. If you’re looking for more ways to boost sponsor performance or create a fundraising program, you can visit our last blog post, “A Guide to Fundraising: 3 Tips for Your School to Reach the Next Level,” or better yet, talk to one of our regional directors and they can help you make an informed decision about whether ScoreVision is right for you.

No one likes to be “fashionably late” to a sporting event. We all have that one friend who always shows up late to the party. SV Announcements allow teams to schedule pre-game reminder posts on social media to spread game day information, including when the game will start. You can even schedule a follow-up post to notify them when the game has begun so that fans can tune in to your live stream. The subtle reminder might encourage your fashionably late fans to be well prepared, and on time so they don’t miss one of your biggest plays yet. 

To build your fan base, your fan experience must extend beyond your facilities, and the most effective way to reach fans is through social media and the SV Fan App. SV Announcements is designed to help schools communicate in one place without using a third-party service. ScoreVision supports schools in their desire to engage fans and elevate the game-day experience. Our software includes in-venue and out-of-venue solutions for high schools and colleges to form competitive cultures equivalent to professional sports teams. 

For more information about our software, fill out the form below and a member of the ScoreVision team will be in touch soon.