ScoreVision strives to equip schools and facilities with the software and tools they need to enhance the fan experience at their games and events. Showcasing hype content and sponsor messaging on LED scorer's tables has become increasingly popular for schools and facilities, and ScoreVision is excited to introduce this new product to our growing lineup of hardware and software solutions.

Our new suite of LED scorer's tables gives you the hardware and software solution you need to showcase sponsor ads, hype content, and even incorporate scoring for the sports played in your gym. Learn more about our scorer's tables below, or request more information and our Sales Team will help you find the right solution for your unique facility.

ScoreVision LED Scorer's Tables

ScoreVision's brand-new SmartTable scorer's table solution is an affordable upgrade to the fan experience in gyms with or without ScoreVision video scoreboard systems. Our new SmartTables feature an all-LED front surface powered by ScoreVision's custom-built, easy-to-use scoring, production, and game management software.

Current ScoreVision customers can now add our SmartTables to an existing indoor system, as the same software that powers our multimedia scoreboards now powers your scorer's tables too.

For facilities without indoor ScoreVision systems, we offer two SmartHub Packages to equip your SmartTables with the right set of features. You can learn more about these packages below.

Scoring Table Software

Just like the other products in ScoreVision's lineup, we use the highest quality LED to showcase scores, stats, sponsor messages, and more to your fans – but it's our software that sets ScoreVision's LED scorer's tables apart from other scoring tables on the market.

ScoreVision SmartTable scorer's tables are powered by our custom-built SmartHub Packages, which were designed to equip you with the features you need through user-friendly software.

ScoreVision's SmartHub Packages come in two levels: Media and Media + Scoring.

SmartHub Media Package

The SmartHub Media Package gives you the software and iPad controller you need to showcase hype content and sponsor ads from the sidelines.

You'll get access to our custom-built, easy-to-use Production Studio Software powered by a familiar iPad-based app (iPad controller included). You also get access to our exclusive Ad Management Cloud Software that lets you organize and automate your ad sequences ahead of game time.

LED Scorer's Table with Media Only

SmartHub Media + Scoring Package

If you also want to showcase scores and other important game information, the SmartHub Media + Scoring Package is right for you. The SmartHub Media + Scoring Package comes with everything in the Media Package, plus access to:

  • All-digital scoreboard displays optimized for basketball, volleyball, and wrestling
  • ScoreVision's custom-built, web-based Game Management Cloud Software
  • Our exclusive ScoreVision Fan App, personalized to your school or facility, allowing you to engage fans even if they can't attend the game in person
  • Additional iPad for running ScoreVision Scorekeeper Apps
  • Ability to integrate with the scoring system that runs your regular scoreboards, so you only have to keep score in one place

LED Scorers Table with Media and Scoring

Our software makes it easy to switch between layouts that show media content or game information. Multiple LED scorer's tables can also work together to showcase different types of content simultaneously and bring extra energy to your sidelines.

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