Do You Need to Replace Your Scoreboard? 

So maybe you aren’t excited about the software you obtained when purchasing a new scoreboard? We understand the option for a new LED display isn’t always in the cards. However, what if we told you there is an option for upgraded software while keeping your existing LED? We’re happy to introduce to you the power of the Takeover. But first, let us lay all our cards on the table so you can understand what we provide and how it benefits you.

Let’s start with a story about the history of our company. When our co-founders first started ScoreVision, there wasn’t exactly a place for us in the market. We had quite a few doors shut because providers didn’t understand the need for our software. So instead of throwing in the towel, we flew halfway across the world to procure our own LED. Seriously, we went all the way to China. Long story short, ScoreVision never intended to become an LED retailer - we solely wanted to provide software. And our only mission was to provide schools with access to the same experience administered at the collegiate and professional levels. For that reason alone, we designed our software to integrate with nearly any LED display on the market - making it display-agnostic. 

Today, ScoreVision has completely revolutionized the industry, and we’ve returned to our roots as primarily software providers. Why am I telling you this? Well, we want you to know you have options. 

Option #1: Purchase ScoreVision LED displays & software.

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Although we are a software company, we still provide the opportunity to purchase LED directly from ScoreVision. In August 2020, we joined forces with Samsung to offer customers a solution beyond their expectations. If you are in the market for a new scoreboard, we highly encourage you to fill out the form at the bottom of this article or visit our "Direct from ScoreVision" webpage.  If this option isn’t right for you, keep reading, as we have a few more options to consider.

Software by ScoreVision

Option #2: Purchase LED from a partner with ScoreVision software.

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The second option is to buy from one of our certified partners. ScoreVision works alongside a few AV integration companies to offer a desirable solution that’s a bit more versatile. And even if our certified partners aren’t one of the AV integrators within your district or school, you can still ask them to contact ScoreVision to see whether or not we can form a partnership. The bottom line is that we want you to check off the boxes required to ensure your satisfaction first. We ask all partners to undergo a certification process before handling the installation or retail of our software. Perhaps more importantly, we form working relationships with them where our teams communicate regularly to guarantee their success. Since our primary goal is to make our software accessible and affordable, we want you to know that we have your back when forming strategic partnerships with third-party companies. 

Buy From Our Partners

Option #3: Keep Your existing LED with ScoreVision Software.

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Last but certainly not least is the power of the TAKEOVER! Because of our software’s design, ScoreVision allows customers to integrate with existing LED video displays. However, not all LEDs can work with the components necessary for this to happen. Here is how to determine if you might be eligible for a ScoreVision takeover. 

If you have a little more technical experience and know what resolution your LED can support, and it’s a standard 1080p or 4K resolution, you are likely a candidate for a takeover. Likewise, for less technical users, if you can plug in a computer or laptop to your existing system and get it to display on the screen either in part or whole, you likely are a candidate for a takeover system. If one of those scenarios is true, you should fill out the form below this article. One of our regional directors and technical staff would be happy to provide you with more information regarding this solution. 

Direct from ScoreVision

As we previously shared above, these options are part of ScoreVision’s desire to make our product accessible and affordable beyond the collegiate and professional levels. We want you and your school to be successful and excel at what you do. Our company truly believes the game day experience profoundly impacts athletic performance. That’s why we always say, “When you experience the game, you power the athlete.” We hope this article helps you plan your next steps for providing an exceptional experience for your student-athletes and your sports community.

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