What do fans care about the most on gameday? (Besides supporting their team and catching the big play, of course.) 

The score! 

After all, who doesn’t want to see their team winning?

Traditionally, the only way for a fan to keep up with the score at a high school game would be to look at the fixed digit scoreboard by the field. ScoreVision has upgraded that practice to provide a unified system for real-time, digital score updates. The score keeper only needs to tap to change scores on an iPad or smartphone in the Scorekeeper App, and the score is reflected on the LED display and in the Fan App instantly. 

But guess what — we have launched yet another upgrade.

Now the score bar can live at the bottom of your livestreamed video too! Not only does it show the real-time scores as the scorekeeper operates the app on an iPad, but also it displays timeouts, sponsor logos, and any other relevant information, such as sets for volleyball.



If you think this quality of livestream is something only the professional teams can do, it’s time to think again. 



Bringing Professional Level Broadcast to Schools 

We believe schools of any size should be able to achieve a professional grade livestream without needing a technician or a huge budget. We developed a solution called ScoreVision Playbook, which is a centralized system that reflects the score across the LED display board, the Fan App and in the livestream video feed.

If you produce any form of livestream video feed for your games, chances are you’d like to include a real-time score bar at the bottom of the video (a score bug). Or else it’s going to be hard for someone to tune in halfway and know exactly at what point the game is at. It’s a highly desirable feature but is not readily accessible through most platforms. The good news is that this feature is native to the ScoreVision platform. 


Sophisticated System — Now Simplified 

The SV Streaming Playbook solution enables multiple camera feeds, as well as switching between cameras. You can also add in audio feed if you have an announcer or a radio broadcaster, and stream directly from the device without needing additional studio hardware or software.

If you haven’t checked out how easy it is to livestream games with ScoreVision (seriously, all you need is a mobile device and an app), you should check out this blog. 

The score bug will also be automatically embedded in the livestreamed video, so your viewers know exactly what’s going on in the game. That means all you need to do is getting the scorekeeper to manage the Scorekeeper App, and our cloud-based solution will take care of everything to make sure the real-time score is reflected across all your platforms.   



To see a demo of ScoreVision’s solution, feel free to book a time with our team using the form below.