One of our favorite things to do is speak with our customers. Chatting with Jason Dennhardt from Riverdale High School was no exception. We enjoyed learning how Riverdale uses our software and how it has benefited their program. Our favorite part of the conversation was listening to him speak about hosting boy’s basketball regionals and how other teams in the conference enjoyed playing at their facility because of the atmosphere they provide. 

Before we skip to the good part, let’s admit that Jason was skeptical about his school’s decision. “I had my reservations because I had been down this road before with other software companies. A lot of times you pay upfront, they come to install, talk a big game, and then the first problem you have, they leave you high and dry.” But even after being skeptical, Jason found ScoreVision to be the right choice because of our customer service.  “That wasn’t the case with ScoreVision. Colleen has always been available via phone or text unless it is game time. When it’s game time, we call the support line, and we have always had assistance right away.”

Since being installed in December of 2021, the school has hosted over 50 games, including the boy’s regional basketball tournament, which included the Riverdale Rams battling for the title on their very own homecourt. Jason talked about how the ability to create a professional game day experience impacted the athletes’ atmosphere: “We are one of the only ones in the conference who have something this big, and we are a small school. It seems very professional and similar to what you see on a national broadcast. It makes the experience pretty cool. When we hosted regionals, we didn’t just do home-specific accolades; we created player accolades for other teams' players when different things took place.” ScoreVison tracked down a newscast from the local TV station, Local 4 News WHBF. At the very end of the update, players from the opposing team spoke about the atmosphere at Riverdale High School. 


Even though the Riverdale Rams fell to the Rockridge Rockets 58-52, Riverdale was proud to host the tournament and provide a competitive and exciting culture for teams in their conference.

Beyond the game-day atmosphere, Jason also shared how the school has benefited from the advertising opportunities facilitated through the use of the ScoreVision Cloud. For a small school like Riverdale, sponsors can significantly impact the athletic program’s success. “We’ve been able to help community organizations get exposure with different advertising. We thought we would have to seek out people to get more sponsors, but we’ve been blown away by how many people have reached out and have asked to be on the board. We’ve been working on structuring our advertising program more, and we think the possibilities are big.” 

We would like to thank Jason Dennhardt from Riverdale High School for taking the time to speak with our ScoreVision team. Riverdale has approximately 308 students and pulls students from various towns within the area. They are proud members of the Three Rivers Athletic Conference. 


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