Getting buy-in for a new scoreboard is a challenging sell. We understand budgets are tight, and our solution is an annual commitment. But what makes it worth the expense is the return on investment it brings your community. We’ve seen several instances where scoreboards powered by ScoreVision have increased the school’s revenue following installation. Don’t believe us? Check out this blog, where we share how Elkhorn Public School District raised nearly $400k from sponsors within their first year of installation. But perhaps what is more impactful is the return on investment schools begin to see from their students. 

In 2018, ScoreVision recognized schools needed a way to build the fan experience and create a sense of pride. So, we turned to the students and launched a program called ScoreVision Academy with the mindset of reforming the link between academics and athletics in high schools across the country. Today, ScoreVision Academy continues to be a resource provided at no additional cost to ScoreVision customers who purchase our ScoreVision Engagement Package. In addition to ScoreVision Academy, they receive our creative services - including graphic animations, access to the ScoreVision elevate library, and personalized backgrounds we call, "brand wrappers" for their scoreboard. 

What is ScoreVision Academy? 

ScoreVision Academy is an instructional program teachers can use to educate students on the basics of nearly every task required to create a professional game day experience. It includes guided materials and learning labs for various topics, including graphic design, video production, fundraising, and event planning. It doesn’t stop there. Students can even learn how to apply the skills in the real world by running game day from the pressbox or scorer’s  table using our ScoreVision products. 

ScoreVision Academy gives students a behind-the-scenes look at planning, preparing, and performing a live game day production. Using the ScoreVision software, students assemble the pieces and parts that make up the entire fan experience, including running live streams, capturing highlights, creating graphics, finding sponsors, or designing hype clips and animations. This way, it doesn’t matter the type of student, whether creative or analytical; they have a place within the program to learn and grow in an area of their interest.

ScoreVision Academy Wheel

Why is ScoreVision Academy valuable?

The value of this program meets academics and athletics 50/50, as most athletic departments have a hard time finding volunteers or faculty to run this level of production. Students, in return, also benefit from the experience and go on to use the materials they create and tasks assigned in portfolios and resumes for college applications and future jobs. The cycle continues as those students graduate and become experts in their field of study with the knowledge that enhances the future of high schools in education and sports. We see similar results in districts where schools, such as Lincoln Public Schools in Nebraska, offer specialization programs in aviation or digital entrepreneurship. Students attend their specialization school for a half-day before returning to their regularly scheduled school curriculum.

Millard West ScoreVision Academy

How do I unlock ScoreVision Academy?

If you are a ScoreVision customer who purchased the ScoreVision Engagement Package, you can access the downloadable guides and learning labs in the resources tab on the ScoreVision Cloud. From there, you should have everything you need to lead your students through the ins- and outs of game day. In addition to ScoreVision Academy, students can participate in challenges we host throughout the year. 

Imagine ScoreVision in Your School

Unfortunately, at this time, ScoreVision Academy is only available to the customers of ScoreVision. However, we do hope to expand this service soon. If you’re looking to purchase a new scoreboard or change your software provider for an existing scoreboard - you can contact us using the form below, and we can advise you on the options available through ScoreVision.