ScoreVision is proud of the educational impact that our system can have on students at our customer schools. Innovative, real-world educational opportunities are at the heart of the ScoreVision system, in subject areas ranging from graphic design, video production, broadcasting, technology, sales, marketing, business, and more.

Students can gain especially valuable career skills working with the graphic design and video production aspects of the ScoreVision system by creating content to show during athletic events and even throughout other school events like pep rallies and graduation ceremonies.

To help students gain experience with the programs and thought processes that help them create this content, ScoreVision has created ScoreVision Boot Camp.

What is ScoreVision Boot Camp?

ScoreVision Bootcamp Class

ScoreVision Boot Camp is a 2-day, project-based educational intensive that trains and empowers students to brainstorm and develop content to take their school events to the next level. The educational experience brings ScoreVision's in-house Creative Team to your school to deliver a high-level overview of the ScoreVision system and philosophy as it relates to media generation, placement, and usage.

ScoreVision Bootcamp Education

Students (and even teachers, too!) are taught the basics of designing for LED displays, plus how to plan and design content that enables your ScoreVision system to have maximum impact on your students and community.

Once students have learned the basics of creating backgrounds, announcement graphics, sponsor ads, and other content, we challenge them to think like the professional-level sports production teams and create content that will bring the whole stadium to the edge of their seats.

ScoreVision Bootcamp Stadium ShowcaseAt the end of ScoreVision Boot Camp, students take their content to the big screen, showcasing their designs to their peers on the jumbotron in their own gym and/or stadium and getting inspired to create more content. Our #1 goal is that students and school staff will emerge from this learning experience equipped and empowered to brainstorm, plan, and create content designed to enhance the fan experience at school sporting events and amplify the impact of other school events.

We recently conducted the ScoreVision Boot Camp experience at Ysleta ISD in El Paso, Texas, bringing together students from all 7 high schools in the district.

Christian Carrasco, a teacher and coach at Eastwood High School in Ysleta ISD, described the experience:

"The word I would use to recap our experience with the Boot Camp we held at our school a few weeks back would be EXCELLENT. 

Our students were engaged during the entire event, learning different forms of creating content for our jumbotron through the lessons provided. 
I think having David out here helping us figure out simple ways to get ad space sold and marketed in the right way was awesome. 
After this Boot Camp, our students have been working on creating numerous amount of possible ads from different local companies in order to showcase it to them and be able to sell cinema ads, banner signs, etc."

Check out what the district's administration had to say about the experience:

Imagine ScoreVision in Your School

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