For most sports teams and athletic programs, funding challenges are nothing new – and this year has brought challenges that have made budgets even tighter than usual.

As athletic programs are looking for new ways to adapt everything from running practices to game attendance to how they reach their fans, many teams are looking to technology to find new and effective revenue streams.

Helping teams engage their fans and generate revenue while doing so was at the heart of ScoreVision's recent launch of the Fan Engagement Package. This affordable new software platform combines easy-to-use tools that work together to help teams embrace live streaming, create video highlights, engage fans on social media, and combine all this engaging content with scores and stats in a personalized fan app.

Though these tools are available at affordable, special pricing this year to help as many teams as possible, we also built in opportunities and tools for generating sponsor revenue throughout the platform. Explore the built-in sponsorship opportunities that can help your team embrace this new technology and generate more fundraising revenue at the same time.

Fundraising Opportunities in the ScoreVision Fan App

The ScoreVision Fan App offers several placements for sponsor ads. Because the ScoreVision Fan App serves as the central hub for all your fan engagement content  (and because it's free for all your fans to download!), sponsors of all types and sizes are attracted to advertising on your Fan App. 

Sponsors can show their support for their local school by advertising in the following ways:

Sponsoring your school's Fan App header: Sponsors can reach fans when they first open your Fan App by putting their branding on your Fan App header image. Teams can choose to share this image with a sponsor (which we call a co-brand) or sell the full space to the sponsor at a premium price.

Fan App Header Images with Sponsor Branding

Advertising on a tile ad: Your Fan App home screen offers unlimited spaces for tile ads, which are clickable square ads that can be used to promote anything from sponsors to upcoming events to your team's social media channels, team merch store, and more. Sponsors love that tile ads are clickable and can be linked to their website, special offers, coupons, or other locations they can track.

Tile Ads in Fan App-2

Advertising on your live stream: When you live-stream your games through ScoreVision's platform, fans can watch your stream both within the Fan App and on a streaming webpage branded to your school. Sponsors can reach fans that are watching either way by advertising in your live stream. The scorebug overlay on your live stream includes space for up to two sponsors.

Ads in Live Stream Scorebug Overlay

Sponsorship Placements in ScoreVision's Live Streaming Tool

Let's dig deeper into the sponsorship placements you can sell when you live-stream through ScoreVision. Your live stream can be shown to fans via both your ScoreVision Fan App and a branded webpage that is personalized to your school. This opens up several opportunities for sponsors to reach fans while they are watching your live stream.

Advertising on your live stream: As mentioned above, streaming through ScoreVision's platform adds an overlay to your stream that includes the score, other relevant game details, and two spaces for logos or graphics. These two spaces are perfect for allowing sponsors to reach fans following along through the live stream.

Ads in Live Stream Scorebug Overlay

Advertising on your streaming page: Outside of the live stream itself, the personalized streaming webpage offers additional spaces to highlight sponsors.

Ads in Live Stream Webpage

Together, these sponsorship opportunities can help your team get set up with live streaming quickly and generate fundraising dollars in the process.

More Ways to Generate Sponsor Revenue with ScoreVision Software

The ScoreVision Fan App and live streaming tools offer sponsorship opportunities that can offset or even help your team profit from using ScoreVision software, but there are ways you can go beyond these built-in ad spaces to generate even more revenue. Try using these tools in ScoreVision Cloud and the brand-new ScoreVision Capture App to infuse sponsors in your fan experience:

Schedule sponsored social media posts with SV Announcements: The SV Announcements tool in ScoreVision Cloud makes it easy to share or schedule text- and photo-based updates to your Fan App and to followers on Twitter and Facebook in just a few clicks. Sponsors will love being able to reach fans across all three of these channels when you share sponsored social media posts and score updates featuring their logo. You can keep it simple by mentioning them or tagging their account in a text-only score update, or provide more value (and generate more sponsorship dollars) by entering the score into a pre-made graphic featuring their logo and sharing that with your fans.

Ads in Social Media Graphics

Share "PA announcement"-style videos with the ScoreVision Capture App: If your team is using the ScoreVision Capture App to instantly share video highlights to your Fan App, you can explore using PlayAction Mode to share short sponsored messages as well. Think of it as a way to spread your PA announcements to a larger audience – simply use PlayAction Mode to record a sponsored message, then share it to the Fan App!

ScoreVision Software is Here to Help Your Team Adapt

No matter what in-person athletic events look like this year, ScoreVision software gives you the power to engage fans in-person and online – and generate sponsorship revenue while you do it. With our integrated platform, you get all the tools you need to engage fans, generate revenue, and put your team on the cutting edge of technology.ScoreVision Fan Engagement Package

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