This year, sports teams and athletic programs everywhere are facing new and unique challenges. Sports programs at all levels have had to adapt everything from fundraising to how they practice to how fans are able to get involved and follow the game action.

As attendance may be limited and new safety measures are put in place, many teams are looking to technology to help bridge the gap for their fans. Some teams are exploring tools like live streaming for the first time, many are looking to become more active on social media channels like Twitter, and having tools like a fan app is becoming crucial to continue reaching fans.

In the midst of all the other challenges teams are facing, trying to piece together software to accomplish these goals can seem overwhelming – especially when they were each designed to serve only a single purpose.

ScoreVision has been working throughout the year to create an easier solution to help teams tackle these challenges and embrace new technology. We're proud to introduce an affordable, easy-to-use package of software tools that work together to help your team embrace live streaming, create video highlights, engage fans on social media, and combine all this engaging content with scores and stats in a personalized fan app.

ScoreVision Fan Engagement Package

Our new Fan Engagement Package helps teams engage fans in modern ways with:

  • A personalized mobile fan app: You get a mobile fan app that's branded to your team or athletic program and jam-packed with fan engagement features including scores, stats, video content, live streams, announcements, game schedules, player profiles, and more.
  • Easy-to-capture video content: Capture 10-second video highlights and longer game videos using our video capture app on any tablet. Our easy-to-use app is designed for students to capture videos from throughout your facilities and share them instantly to your Fan App. The best part? No expensive, specialized equipment or training needed.
  • Live streaming: Our flexible platform includes features that allow you to easily live-stream your games to a branded webpage and even into your Fan App.
  • Social media: Automate your social media efforts with tools that let you schedule posts and announcements to Twitter, Facebook, and your Fan App all from one easy-to-use interface.

To help as many schools as possible adapt to our "new normal" for sports this season, we've made this package extremely affordable, especially if you sign up before the end of 2020.

No matter what in-person athletic events look like this year, ScoreVision software gives you the power to engage fans in-person and online. With our integrated platform, you get all the tools you need to engage fans and put your team on the cutting edge of technology.

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