Educating Students with the ScoreVision Capture App

The recent launch of the ScoreVision Capture App has made it easier than ever for schools and teams to create sports video content. Our new app-based video capture software can help your team engage your fans and community, but it also opens up a new world of opportunities for students to get real-world experience with video filming, editing, production, and promotion. Explore how the Capture App can serve as a tool for teaching hands-on video skills to your students below. 

Filming Video with the Capture App

The Capture App provides a simple way for students of any skill level to learn the basics of filming video. While filming video content during games and events, students learn the elements that make sports video so informative and engaging. This includes planning the shots when necessary, framing the shots, recording steady video, and incorporating camera movement and zoom to add depth and interest to the video clip.

The three modes of the ScoreVision Capture App each require different skills to create video that is optimized for its purpose.

For example, using LiveCam Mode to show real-time footage on a connected video display requires pre-planning to set up the shot and make the footage engaging on the first try, since there is no editing or post-production when it comes to live video.

On the other hand, filming 10-second Moments clips or longer PlayAction clips up to two minutes in length requires the videographer to do some framing work and record stable video, but these clips can be edited before they are shared widely on social media or made into hype content. These clips simply require the videographer to anticipate the action and be ready to film it when it occurs.

Prescott Live Video on DisplayFraming the shot while recording video content is crucial, and it can be challenging due to the fast pace of sporting events. The Capture App provides the necessary tools to learn these basic video skills using a device that today's students are very familiar with using – an iPad. Find helpful tips and best practices for filming sports video content with our app here.

Incorporating all three modes of the Capture App into your games and events empowers students to learn a wide variety of video filming skills. The principles of these skills can also be transferred to professional camera equipment as students become comfortable with using a tablet's camera. Gaining experience with filming live sports can lead to lucrative career paths in sports broadcasting and event production. Learn more about how ScoreVision software can help prepare students for real-world career opportunities here.

Get inspired with creative ways to use each mode of the ScoreVision Capture App here.

Video Editing & Production

Video content filmed using the Moments and PlayAction Modes of the Capture App can be shared straight to the Fan App and connected LED displays within seconds, but these video clips are also saved in ScoreVision Cloud. Video production students can learn advanced video editing skills by downloading these video files and identifying high-impact clips that can be edited into a variety of hype content. From short teasers and highlight reels for social media to longer hype videos, intro videos, and game recaps, these clips can fuel a wide range of fan engagement initiatives.Prescott Hype Video on Display-1

Students can get hands-on experience with career skills like storyboarding and collaboration, then use industry-standard programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, and Final Cut Pro to add special effects, motion graphics, and transitions to create new video content. These videos can then be played on connected LED displays, shown at pep rallies, posted to your athletics website, and shared across social media platforms. Read on to learn how students can get involved with promoting and sharing their video content.

Learn more about essential tools and best practices for creating fan engagement content for video boards here.

Promoting Video Content via Social Media and More

Social media has become one of the most effective way to engage and inform fans. When it comes to using social media to its full potential, one of the main challenges for athletic directors is having a steady stream of engaging content to share on your teams' social media pages.

Video content from your games and events can play a huge role in boosting your social media accounts. Use video on your social media accounts to recap games, promote players and upcoming events, and hype up your fan base throughout the season.

Students are constantly trying out and teaching themselves new social media platforms, which is a highly-demanded skill in today's marketing landscape. They are well-versed in promoting content via social media, and athletic programs should leverage their talents to create and promote video content on widespread platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and newer platforms like Snapchat and Tiktok.

Marketing and media classes should work together with video production classes to create promotional plans for video content created from the ScoreVision Capture App. These collaborations will help them gain skills that prepare them for career opportunities in marketing, social media management, and other career paths in business and media.

Educating Students with the ScoreVision Capture App & Software Platform

Engaging fans during games and on social media can require a lot of time from athletic directors. Now is the time to embrace software that allows students to contribute their talents toward these fan engagement efforts. From planning the game-time experience to capturing video footage to editing, producing, and sharing video content and running social media accounts, students can learn valuable career skills by working with ScoreVision's suite of video capture, event production, and fan engagement software.

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