Educating & Engaging Students with Video Displays

Since bringing ScoreVision software and video displays to their gym and field in the fall of 2016, Prescott High School has had no shortage of ideas for how to engage their students and provide them with real-world educational opportunities.

With Athletic Director Missy Townsend and Media Productions Teacher Robyn Bryce at the helm, Prescott High School has become a model for how ScoreVision customers can get the most out of their ScoreVision system. In this installment of our ScoreVision Spotlight Series, we aim to showcase the innovative ways Prescott High has used their ScoreVision software and LED displays to unite, engage, and educate their students.

Educating Students with LED Displays

As soon as ScoreVision software and LED displays were installed at Prescott High School, the staff was eager to create opportunities for students to get involved with developing content and creating an engaging fan experience.

The school created Badger Media, a TV, film and video production class and after-school club that teaches students a wide range of career skills in graphic design, video production, business, and other subject areas. Students in the class and club gain real-world experience by:

  • Gathering footage at games and practices
  • Creating content such as graphics, hype videos, animations, quizzes, and commercials
  • Working with parents and community members to create business plans
  • Bringing revenue to the school by designing graphics and commercials for local businesses
  • Creating content for the boards on behalf of other classes, clubs, teams, and student organizations
  • Running the scoring and game production software during games and events

Among the benefits of integrating ScoreVision into their curriculum are the real-world career skills that students are gaining before they have even graduated high school. Those skills range from technical skills in video production, design, and business to soft skills like teamwork, communication, and problem solving.


Participating in Badger Media has empowered students to teach themselves and their peers industry-standard programs like Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere. This hands-on experience has inspired many students to pursue career paths in media, design, and business fields.

Check out this example of student work for Badger Media, a walk-out video for the girls basketball team:


Engaging Students Outside of Games

In addition to their educational purposes, students and staff at Prescott HS are constantly finding creative ways to use their indoor and outdoor video displays outside of sports. They have used their LED displays for a variety of events, such as:

  • Pep rallies
  • Movie nights
  • Live-streaming graduation
  • Convocation & back-to-school events
  • Senior night graphics
  • Teacher of the Year nominations
  • Student council and school royalty election campaigns

Find more alternative use ideas for LED video displays here.

What’s Next for Prescott High School

Despite several years of incorporating ScoreVision software and displays into their curriculum, staff at Prescott High School feel like they are just beginning to scratch the surface of what they can accomplish with ScoreVision.

They currently use the ScoreVision Fan App to deliver scores and stats to their fans, generate fundraising revenue through their Fan App and LED displays, and showcase student-produced hype videos, graphics, commercials, and other media content on the LED displays in their gym and stadium.

Looking to the future, they are excited to explore using ScoreVision software to:

  • Film and share video highlights with the new ScoreVision Capture App
  • Live-stream their games online
  • Incorporate instant replays
  • Create more interactive experiences at games and pep rallies using AR (augmented reality), voting, and social media
  • Crowdsource photos and videos from fans
  • Add more audio and sound effects into their student-produced media content
  • Incorporate additional video displays, such as TVs to inform fans at their concession stands and a mobile display to bring the fan experience to away games, tailgates, and even school dances

A Lasting Impact on Students

To Media Productions Teacher Robyn Bryce, her job is one of the most rewarding in the whole school district. “Many of my students are on a path to media-related fields. That in part has to do with the many opportunities for growth, experimentation, and the building of a strong skill set. The ScoreVision displays have been a big part of that.” She is excited to know that many of her students are studying fields like film and media arts in college and several have gone on to work in areas like radio, on-air reporters, and other media-related fields.

Are You Using ScoreVision to its Full Potential?

We hope this post has sparked all kinds of ideas for integrating ScoreVision software and LED displays into your school's curriculum. If you would like to learn more about creating graphics and animations for an LED video scoreboard, check out our new resource for best practices and tips for designing for LED displays and get inspiration here. Learn more about how ScoreVision software provides real-world educational opportunities here.

Stay tuned for future installments of our new ScoreVision Spotlight Series to learn how ScoreVision customers around the country are excelling at generating revenue, exciting fans, using ScoreVision outside of athletics, educating students, and more benefits of having a ScoreVision video scoreboard!

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