Glenwood High School Fan Engagement Spotlight

Welcome to the next installment of our ScoreVision Spotlight Series, where we aim to provide inspiration by showcasing ScoreVision customers who are doing some amazing things with their ScoreVision video scoreboards.

In this post, the spotlight is on Glenwood High School in Glenwood, Iowa. They're creating a game-day atmosphere that is wowing parents, fans, and student-athletes in their community and the surrounding towns.

A visiting fan recently described the games at Glenwood HS by saying, "the atmosphere and what you guys do with that board makes it feel like a college environment."

This amazing feedback from fans, combined with the school's goal to "make every event we have in our gym the biggest event in town and make it unique and special for everyone who attends our games," made the Glenwood Rams the perfect candidate for this ScoreVision Spotlight feature.

In this post, we'll walk you through some of the exciting content that Glenwood High School showcases at their games and some of their ideas for the future of their ScoreVision video scoreboards. We encourage you to be inspired by these ideas and make them your own.

Player Cards

Played during pregame, the Glenwood Rams created player card graphics featuring the name, height, and grade for each player with their photo. They also created similar graphics to recognize the team's coaching staff. By creating a reusable template using software like Photoshop or Canva, other schools can make their own version of this graphic by dropping in player photos and information for each team.


Matchup Graphics

The Rams also created matchup graphics which featured the competing schools' logos alongside action shots from previous games between the teams.


Brand Wrappers

The school takes full advantage of ScoreVision's unique ability to swap out the brand wrapper, or background, of the scoreboard (as often as each period in a game!). The Rams uses this feature to alternate between showcasing the school's branding and highlighting their top sponsors. The wrappers are preprogrammed in the ScoreVision Cloud to automatically switch when each period begins, so the scorekeeper doesn't have to worry about changing the background during the game.


Sportsmanship Video

Glenwood High School collaborated with the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union to create this video sharing the principles and importance of good sportsmanship using players throughout the state. The video plays before every home game on the ScoreVision video scoreboards.


ScoreVision's dynamic leaderboard feature is a fan favorite, and the Rams use their built-in leaderboard layout throughout the majority of games to highlight top players alongside other game information and sponsor ads. The leaderboard information automatically populates and adjusts itself throughout the game as points and fouls are attributed to players.



Student involvement is a huge priority at Glenwood High School, where students broadcast the game online to fans and record the game action for analysis. The school looks forward to further incorporating ScoreVision into their classes and showcasing even more student-produced content on their ScoreVision multimedia scoreboards.


Sport Animations

After exciting plays, the scorekeeper triggered sport animations like "3 Pointer" to keep the fans' energy going.

Player Accolades

The scorekeeper also highlighted amazing plays with ScoreVision's exclusive one-touch player accolade. The ScoreVision Scorekeeper Apps automatically generate these animations using the player's headshot, name, jersey number, and points scored so far. These animations splash across the screen, energizing fans and making parents proud.


Hype Animations

Some of the most impressive content developed by the school are the various animations that hype up the fans during pregame, halftime, and even throughout the game. Below are some of the Rams' hype animations that encourage fans to make some noise!

Future Plans for ScoreVision Video Scoreboards

In the time since Glenwood High School installed their ScoreVision video scoreboards, they have already done an incredible job elevating their fans' experience, bringing the excitement of a college-level arena to their gym – but they have no plans to slow down when it comes to creating content and involving students.

Some of the school's future plans include making starting lineup videos, hype videos, and adding interactive media content to their games. They also are constantly finding unique ways to use their ScoreVision boards, such as live-streaming away games for fans at home. We can't wait to see the other innovative content and alternative uses that the Glenwood Rams come up with in the future!

Are You Using ScoreVision to its Full Potential?

We hope this post has sparked all kinds of creative ideas that you can bring to your own ScoreVision system. If you would like to start creating graphics and animations for an LED video scoreboard, check out our new resource for best practices and tips for designing for LED displays and get inspiration here.

Stay tuned for future installments of our new ScoreVision Spotlight Series to learn how ScoreVision customers around the country are excelling at generating revenue, exciting fans, using ScoreVision outside of athletics, educating students, and more benefits of having a ScoreVision video scoreboard!

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