When parents or fans attend a sporting event, the most significant factor influencing their decision is a personal connection to the game. While “volunteeritis” is not a real diagnosis, the concept behind the term is. As burnout sweeps the nation, we feel its side effects in our organizations. This infectious theoretical disease jeopardizes the willingness of volunteers to sacrifice their most valuable resource, time. We are struggling to persuade our parents to become more engaged as a volunteer. Yet the demand for professional experience, stats, and playtime for their son or daughter continues to be on the rise. Athletics have long faced this dilemma, but a reawakening following the shutdown in 2020 has increased its severity. At some point, we will have to address our lack of resources as the next curveball comes with additional broadcasting and pressure to boost exposure thickens with monetizing an athlete’s name, image, and likeness. The good news is there is technology you can use to simplify the experience, track stats, and meet the demands of your parents. It even makes volunteering a more enjoyable experience.

While it seems arbitrary, we should start with understanding the perspective of our potential volunteers. They most likely have a personal connection to one of your players, with a desire to give them their undivided attention by watching the game. It’s also possible volunteers hesitate to offer up their time because they don’t feel they have enough experience or know enough about how the game works. Jumping into a new role with spectators watching is not always comfortable. The right software will allow your volunteers to enjoy scorekeeping while still experiencing the game. 

It’s important to note there is a distinct difference between a scorekeeper and a scoreboard controller. Software that functions as a scoreboard controller does not have the same intuitive knowledge as a scorekeeper. Scorekeepers understand the rules of the game and can dissect the information it’s being told by the user to then propose the next action. 

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In addition, scorekeepers can collect the data from the game and store it in our cloud-based software for access at a later date. While scoreboard controllers remain a resilient option to operate and change the visual appearance of the numbers on the scoreboard, they do not have the same user-friendly experience required to aid volunteers in keeping score. 

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ScoreVision’s scorekeeping software is developed to help athletic organizations supply volunteers with a palpable interface for users at varying experience levels. With a sleek design, our Scorekeeper apps reflect each sport by showing a generic field or court on which the game is played. The buttons on the interface correlate to specific actions we expect will take place throughout the game. With this simple-to-use software, users can follow the fast-paced environment of sports without a concern for error. 

If a volunteer makes a mistake, our quick edit tools and the option to undo a previous action will come in handy. You can quickly find these options on the top half of your screen without leaving the main window of the scorekeeper. In addition to scorekeeping functions, we have built in a few features from our production software into the app. Without leaving the scorekeeper, you can entertain fans by attributing points to players and displaying a quick graphic immediately after they score. If you want more advanced production, you can purchase our producer app for a wide range of features to elevate your game-day experience. 


We hope our tools will help you overcome the shortage you are experiencing in finding volunteers. Operating the scoreboard and keeping track of stats can be an enjoyable experience when the software solution is easy and friendly. Our solutions include scoring, production, video highlights, streaming, advertising, and more. Our ever-evolving software solution has been developed in collaboration with our partners and is guided by the feedback and insight of our fabulous customers. ScoreVision is a user-friendly software devoted to making professional sporting experiences accessible to all. 

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