Top 10 Ways ScoreVision Can Improve Your Sports Facility

Top 10 Ways ScoreVision Can Improve Your Sports Facilities

As sports facilities continue to evolve, so do the technologies used to enhance the game day experience for fans and players. One such technology is taking the sports world by storm. ScoreVision is an innovative sports software transforming sports facilities into state-of-the-art venues. Our mission is to make professional sports experiences accessible and affordable for all levels of play. Here are the top 10 ways ScoreVision can improve your sports facility:


1. Access to a professional experience at an affordable cost. 

ScoreVision offers sports facilities a dynamic solution for keeping score and displaying stats, sponsor ads, graphics, animations, and more during the game. Using the ScoreVision Producer app, you can control the scoreboard's content on-demand or through an automated sequence. You can engage fans when an exciting play occurs or display commercials or static advertisements during a time-out. 


2. Ease of use for volunteers and staff.

ScoreVision prides itself in developing a solution where anyone can pick up a mobile device and begin to keep score. Our interface not only makes scorekeeping easy but also more engaging. We designed our scorekeeper to interact with the user by prompting actions after completing a different one. In addition, the design of the app's interface looks like the physical environment of the sport ( basketball court, football field, soccer field, etc.) so that when users begin to watch events unfold, they can trigger the actions that follow the flow of the game. 


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3. Access to features for an out-of-venue experience using the Fan App.

One of the best features introduced by ScoreVision is the Fan App. You can share the game time experience with fans who are unable to attend in person. Our Fan App uses the same game information entered through the scorekeeper to produce automated score updates for any event stored in the ScoreVision Cloud. Fans can download the app, find your organization, select the event and watch as the scores roll in. In addition to the score, you can trigger captured highlights, run a live stream, and display sponsor ads in the app to engage your fans even more.


4. Increase in sponsorship opportunities. 

Are you looking for more opportunities to present to sponsors? ScoreVision's advertising features allow sponsors more exposure during the game through various advertising locations that rotate throughout the game. Want to learn more about how you increase your sponsorship opportunities? Here's a vlog with more information.


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5. Access to game and display management anytime and from anywhere. 

One real differentiator when choosing ScoreVision is access to your games, schedules, rosters, and media content through the ScoreVision Cloud. ScoreVision customers can access the cloud through any mobile device by simply opening a web browser and signing in with their Cloud login credentials. You no longer have to sit at the scorer's table for hours before the game starts. You can also control the level of access other staff and volunteers have when operating the ScoreVision apps during the game.


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6. Keep score and display media content from a mobile device.

ScoreVision software does not require traditional large, metal box scoreboard controllers or massive equipment to run your professional production. Instead, you only need a hardware rack assembled by ScoreVision – or one of its certified partners – and a mobile device. From there, you can keep score, run a game-day production, capture highlights, and receive updates during the game on the Fan App.


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7. Access to game information, including basic statistics, through the cloud. 

ScoreVision's Scorekeepers are not standard scoreboard controllers; they are more intuitive. Because of this intuition, it registers more than the points on the scoreboard. It can track basic statistics including how many points were scored by a particular player and how many fouls or penalties a player accrued. This information is stored in the ScoreVision Cloud and can be accessed at any time following the game for your reference.


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8. Personalize the scoreboard for your events. 

For ease of use, ScoreVision has assembled pre-built layouts for you to use when operating a scoreboard using the Producer App. These layouts include a personalized background branded to your organization. The system includes the option to insert different backgrounds for specific events or seasons too; we call these personalized backgrounds brand wrappers. Our in-house creative team works with organizations to create these wrappers and inserts them into your cloud before installation. However, if you want to create your own after the installation, you can do it by using our simple templates.


9. Easy streaming solutions to live stream your games.

With ScoreVision's live streaming capabilities, schools can broadcast their games and events to a broader audience, including alums, family members, and fans who cannot attend in person, increasing the reach and visibility of the school. In addition to live streaming your game, you can capture highlights of up to 2:00 minutes. You can also use a unique feature that lets you capture a play from the live stream 10 seconds prior; that way, you never miss a moment.


10. Alternative uses beyond sports. 

ScoreVision is for more than keeping score. Outside of running your standard game-day operations, you can use ScoreVision to advance your sports facility through alternative uses like hosting a concert, an award ceremony, or a school pep rally. If your facility is associated with an educational institution, you can use ScoreVision for physical education or gym classes.

ScoreVision enhances the entire sports experience for the fans and athletes. We can provide your sports facility with the tools you need to build a community around your venue and present new opportunities for growth and development. We strive to continue evolving our solutions to bring you the best options to exceed your expectations and transform the atmosphere in your facility. Because of our passion for living out our mission, we make our solutions affordable, and we back them with our world-class support and online training. As your facility transitions, you never have to worry about staying up-to-date on best practices. 

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