A Comprehensive Guide to ScoreVision

What is ScoreVision?

ScoreVision is an affordable, user-friendly software making professional game-day experiences accessible to all. Our standard hardware and software package includes apps for sports teams to keep score, display media content, advertise sponsors, capture action-packed highlights, live stream games, and automatically send updates to fans who are not in attendance. (In other words, we do A LOT.) In addition to our apps, ScoreVision users have access to our Cloud-based platform where they can upload media, schedule games, and manage teams and rosters. If we had to summarize our product with one word, it would be, “experience.” At ScoreVision, we believe when fans experience the game, they power the athlete.

How it Works

Before we deep-dive into all the features and benefits, let’s talk about how the product works and what is required to operate our system.

ScoreVision Software

ScoreVision is an ecosystem made up of three parts; inputs, core controls, and outputs. Each of these parts, when working together, form the professional fan experience. Inputs are responsible for contributing content, outputs are responsible for delivering the content, and core controls are the “secret sauce” for how the inputs shake hands with the outputs.

The Outputs 

We know this seems backwards, but outputs are likely what brought you here, so let’s start there first! In the ScoreVision ecosystem there are two types of outputs; LED scoreboards and the ScoreVision Fan App. 

ScoreVision Scoreboard

LED Scoreboards

ScoreVision is a virtually agnostic software. As opposed to our competitors, our product does not operate exclusively with only one manufacturer or LED display. The benefit to choosing ScoreVision is having the ability to choose what works best for you. If you recently purchased a new LED scoreboard, but haven’t been satisfied with the software provided - it’s possible you are eligible to swap out your software and use ScoreVision on your existing LED. If you’re looking to purchase a brand new LED display to replace your mundane fixed-digit scoreboard, we have options for you too; including the chance to select a vendor of your choice or purchase an LED directly from ScoreVision. Our regional directors are happy to answer any questions you have to help you discover what works best for you. In the mean time, if you’d like more guidance you can check out our blog: Do you need to replace your scoreboard? You have options!

Fan App

ScoreVision Fan App

Now that we’ve covered our bases with the in-venue experience, what about the out-of-venue experience? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. ScoreVision users have access to the ScoreVision Fan App at no additional cost. Fan App is an app designed for teams to automatically send score updates, host live streams, post highlights, and share basic game stats in real-time. 

Each team receives a personalized profile as part of their subscription license. There is even an advertising feature to maximize your offerings when approaching local and regional businesses about sponsorship. All your fans have to do is download the app on a mobile device and start tuning in. 

The Core Controls

To get our inputs and outputs to shake hands, ScoreVision requires an A/V control rack which connects to a management platform we call the ScoreVision Cloud. 

ScoreVision Cloud

ScoreVision Cloud

The ScoreVision Cloud is the brain for our entire operation. In the Cloud, users can manage, upload, and assign media content, import teams and rosters, and schedule games. It’s also where we store game information including the rules to assist staff who are keeping score. 

Teams can access the Cloud by simply opening a web browser on any mobile device and signing in with their login credentials. From there, you can add all the information you need from anywhere. You no longer have to sit at the scorer's table hours before the game.

The Inputs

ScoreVision does not require traditional large, metal box scoreboard controllers or massive, expensive equipment to run a professional production. Instead, our inputs only require a mobile device. As part of our mission to make an accessible and affordable experience, we developed three simple apps for you to operate game-day.

ScoreVision Scorekeepers

ScoreVision ScorekeeperScoreVision Scorekeepers are easy-to-use scoring apps developed to know the rules the game for each sport. The interface is designed to reflect the actions on the court and to make the scoring experience user-friendly. Instead of simply controlling the scoreboard, Scorekeeper apps know the rules of the game and can track basic stats to send to the ScoreVision Cloud. To get a taste for how our Scorekeeper works, try our self-guided demo. 

ScoreVision Producer

ScoreVision ProducerThe ScoreVision Producer brings the power of a professional fan experience to your fingertips. ScoreVision’s innovative app-based production software makes it easier than ever to run an engaging game-time production, trigger media content, and control your connected LED display. 

ScoreVision Capture App

ScoreVision CaptureThe ScoreVision Capture App puts the power of recording and sharing exciting game action at your fingertips. ScoreVision’s app–based digital video solution empowers teams to quickly and easily capture video content during a live game or event and share it with others. Broadcast end–to–end coverage of your events as live streams while sharing short–form video highlights of action up close in order to provide your audience with a rich experience from a variety of angles.


The Benefits of ScoreVision

ScoreVision believes sports impact the community. Being part of a ScoreVision means access to more than sports-related software. We are more than the score; we provide unique opportunities for schools to elevate, educate, and engage their students and their communities.

Elevate the Experience

Creating an exciting game-day experience influences involvement and facilitates connection amongst youth in your community. Sporting events are a great way to engage people and boost overall morale. It’s also a great opportunity to make announcements about other events the community can attend. With ScoreVision, we believe schools can promote change by elevating the experience and creating a sense of pride. 

Millard-West-Brand-Wrapper-Student-at-Summer-Camp (1)

Educate Your Students

ScoreVision offers schools access to our guides and resources for a specialty program we call, ScoreVision Academy. Students who are interested in graphic design, animation, marketing, video production, and more can learn from our in-house experts. They then can use their skills to operate the game-day experience on behalf of your school. Choosing ScoreVision will give your students the opportunity to learn and apply their skills in a real-world setting. 

Movie Night at Hastings College
Engage Your Community

ScoreVision schools engage their community by using the scoreboards for events outside of game-day. Encourage involvement by hosting game nights, movie nights, trivia games, and more. Schools also have the option to fundraise for their school by hosting events using the ScoreVision system.