Some moments are not to be missed: the moment your team scored the final touchdown, or when your child completes the first home run in the field — you want to see it live wherever you are, and replay it whenever you want. 

We understand how important it is for high schools to be able to offer that option for the community. Be it athletic games, theater performances, or other types of school events, students and parents deserve to fully experience these important milestones, even if they can’t be there in person. 

ScoreVision designed the solution specifically for this need, without adding any financial burden or technical difficulty. With our easy-to-use software, any school can afford to provide a premium and professional video engagement experience on gameday. 



Long-form livestream: EasyStream   

If you think high quality sports livestream is only for professional leagues like NFL and MLB, it’s about time we change that. ScoreVision has developed a solution, EasyStream, so that an athletic director or gameday producer can livestream directly from a mobile device, such as an iPad or smartphone.  

Instead of requiring bulky camera equipment, all you need is a mobile device and a pre-configured SV Capture App already downloaded on that device. Then you can simply plop it up on a tripod and go live right from there! Your fans will be able to watch the livestream on the Fan App, on a web page, or on a livestream platform such as YouTube, Facebook or Twitch. 


That’s not all. You can even customize your livestream with a score bug and other relevant gameday broadcasts or announcements. Traditionally, displaying a score bug requires lots of upfront work to sync multiple systems and can be challenging for a school. However, it’s a native feature thanks to ScoreVision’s Streaming Playbook solution. 

SV Streaming Playbook takes the score that’s being updated by the scoreekeeper in the Scorekeeper App, and reflects that in real time in your livestream video feed. It also displays other important information such as player stats, set of the game, sponsor logo and more. 


SV Streaming Playbook fully supports multiple camera feeds, as well as switching between cameras. You can even add in audio feed if you have an announcer or a radio broadcaster, and stream directly from the device without needing additional studio hardware or software! 

Professional grade livestreaming is no longer exclusive to only pro-level sports teams. You can easily “wow” your students and parents when they get to watch the game on their phone — in person or away. 



Short-form videos: Video Highlights   

Sharing video highlights across multiple channels has been one of the favorite features among ScoreVision clients.  

"The Capture App allows for another way for those following the app to see the video, rather than just score updates on the Fan App,” said Jeff Bissen, Activities Director of Glenwood High School.

ScoreVision's simple software has really democratized gameday production and made it easily accessible to students. This has helped students gain valuable gameday production skills without requiring schools to provide expensive equipment or heavy training. 

Students can take a tablet or smartphone with the SV Capture App downloaded, and record video clips anywhere in the field. They then are able to submit the clips to the producer — who’s running the Producer App — for approval. Once approved, the video clip will be shared on the Fan App and on the team’s social media, if desired. Student producers typically can’t be more excited to see their work being pushed to live across the community. 

“Our community, our players and all those who enter our gym are amazed at the content we have been able to create as well as the atmosphere we have been able to create,” Jeff said.



To see a demo of ScoreVision’s solution, feel free to book a time with our team using the form below.