Raining 3-pointers, powerful spikes, and spectacular pins, indoor sports bring an atmosphere like no other. Schools and facilities now have the ability to ignite the passion surrounding sports like basketball, volleyball and wrestling like never before. Fans all across the country are experiencing a professional game-time experience at their local high school and college, thanks to ScoreVision’s powerful software and its integration with nearly any LED video scoreboard.

ScoreVision has transformed the fan experience in high school and college indoor facilities with its game-like scorekeeping apps, user-friendly production software, and dynamic ad management platform.

Outdated, basic metal scoreboards have been upgraded to LED multimedia displays in schools nationwide.These multimedia scoreboards bring the excitement to high school gyms, giving teams the ability to show animations, hype videos, and other media content that excite fans and the community!

Engage with fans in a whole new way with ScoreVision's Independent Display Control and Takeover features. With these features, you can unlock the full potential of fan engagement by showing different layouts on each LED scoreboard (i.e. showing a video scoreboard layout on Display One and a leaderboard scoreboard layout on Display Two.)


Players are also reaching a whole new level of motivation with inspiring, energizing digital content on LED video scoreboards. Player stats can be displayed on digital leaderboards, complete with a fierce player photo. Athletes can be recognized for exciting achievements such as 3-pointers or Aces, when animated player accolades explode across the video scoreboard. A ScoreVision scoreboard can be used for any sport played in your gym – including basketballvolleyball, wrestling, and badminton – and support various non-athletic events and purposes.

Even if fans can't make it to the game, they can still stay connected by easily downloading the free ScoreVision Fan App to keep up with live stats and scores in real-time and even options for live streaming any game with SV Capture app.  

Check out our video below to see these amazing features in action! Learn more about the benefits of a ScoreVision system for other areas of your school, like education, plus other alternative uses for the system outside of athletics!

Unbeatable Sports Synergy

Get more out of your sports working together with easy advertising management and distribution to all your facilities events.  Having multiple ScoreVision systems and a single SV Cloud, you can offer advertising packages for all your sports and generate revenues all year long.

If you already have the ScoreVision Software for your outdoor facilities, you are in luck!  When adding an indoor facility to your plan, you are able to connect your existing SV Cloud to all the facilities using the ScoreVision scoreboard software.  Manage each sport's season and utilize media across all events with a single cloud account.

With multiple ScoreVision systems, the free SV Fan App can act as a one-stop-spot for all your sports teams profiles with live stats and scores and even options for live streaming any game with SV Capture app.  Give your fans the ability to engage with any sport all year long in every season. 


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