New Features in ScoreVision Fan App

Schools, teams, facilities, and tournaments are all navigating shifts in the way fans cheer on their favorite teams. Fans' expectations are constantly evolving, influenced by the technology and advancements introduced by their favorite pro and college teams. On top of these ever-growing expectations, the way fans engage in sports has shifted quickly, with in-person attendance threatened by limitations. Now, more than ever, teams are relying on technology to keep their fan base engaged and informed. 

Fan apps have become more important than ever in terms of engaging fans whether or not they are attending games in-person. Since our founding, our own ScoreVision Fan App has been at the heart of our integrated software platform for sports teams. This summer, we've made major enhancements to our mobile fan app to help our customers evolve and adapt to the new environment and to set them up for long-term success.

Explore the new enhancements below.

New Features in the ScoreVision Fan App

  • Video Highlights in ScoreVision Fan AppEngage fans with video content alongside score information. The recent improvements to our Fan App deliver sports video content in addition to the scores and stats fans are looking for. The game events area of the app now includes short video highlights from the ScoreVision Capture App automatically, both within the stream of scores and in a new, separate tab for all video highlights from that game.
  • Engage fans at away games. Enhancements to our scoring software gives teams the opportunity to use the Fan App for away games. By bringing an iPad to away games and scoring it with our Scorekeeper App, the Fan App receives all score information just like they would at a home game with a full ScoreVision software and LED display system. Now fans can enjoy a consistent mobile app experience all season long.
  • Engage fans at tournaments and recreation facilities. As more recreation facilities and tournaments upgrade to ScoreVision software, we'd added a new Tournament View and other enhancements to help fans find the game they want to follow. The new Tournament View allows fans to search for the right game by field/court or by team.

These enhancements join these other helpful features to create a valuable fan engagement tool for teams at all levels of competition:

  • Scores, stats, and game information: Our Fan App includes scores, stats, and game updates, now enhanced with engaging video content.
  • Game schedules: Fans can stay on top of upcoming games for their favorite teams right inside the app. All games scheduled in ScoreVision Cloud automatically populate the game schedule calendar.
  • Rosters and player information: All rosters entered into ScoreVision Cloud are also sent to the Fan App, so fans can learn more about who is player with player profiles, stats, player photos, and more.
  • School branding: The ScoreVision Fan App is personalized to your school by infusing your team colors, logo, mascot, and opportunities for branded graphics.
  • Fundraising opportunities: With multiple placements for sponsor ads, the ScoreVision Fan App can unlock additional fundraising opportunities for your athletic program.
  • Seamless integration with scoring and video capabilities: All scores, video content, branding, and other content in the ScoreVision Fan App are automatically fed from ScoreVision's cloud-based scoringvideo capture, and game and content management software. That means you get a complete fan app experience without burdening your scorekeepers with additional work and data entry.
  • Constant innovations, updates, and new features: The ScoreVision Fan App is built in-house by a team that is constantly evolving our software to bring pro-level features to high schools everywhere. Your ScoreVision software subscription unlocks frequent updates and new features across your entire suite of scoring, fan engagement, and video capture software. With ScoreVision, your team is always on the leading edge of technology!
Branded Home Screen on ScoreVision Fan App

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If your team is looking for a modern way to engage fans, ScoreVision software is here to help your team adapt and enhance your fan experience.

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