Kearney High School Chooses ScoreVision Software

"My advice would be really to look into ScoreVision and what they have to offer. Not only in the digital scoreboard experience but also what it means to your students and your media production classes, your graphic design classes, what it means to your school on the advertising level, but also the game-day experience that is just unbelievable when you put digital boards in a gym. Your community is going to embrace the game-day experience when you really dive into what ScoreVision is able to give you."

This is Ryan Hogue's advice to other athletic directors searching for the right sports software and video scoreboard solution for their school.

Athletic Director Ryan Hogue brought Kearney High School into the ScoreVision Family in 2019, pairing our all-in-one scoring and fan engagement software with versatile LED displays in their gym. Their LED display configuration includes the largest single video display in a Nebraska high school.

Kearney High School was searching for a way to elevate their game-day atmosphere in their gym while also providing educational opportunities to its students and generating more sponsorship revenue, all while being easy to run.

When it was time to upgrade to LED displays and the software that powered them, Hogue discovered ScoreVision to be the best option to suit their needs – and give them so much more than a new scoreboard.

Watch this short video to learn how ScoreVision software engages students, fans, and the community at Kearney High School, and read more about their experience below.

User-friendly Software

Athletic Director Ryan Hogue and Media Productions teacher Rob Goff were both pleasantly surprised by how user-friendly the scoring and game production software was. Hear it from Mr. Goff:

"The ScoreVision software has been very easy to use. When you work with digital media, a lot of times you work with very complex software. ScoreVision has taken the complex out of it. ScoreVision has done a tremendous job on the Producer App and on the scoring apps and it has eased our minds. We thought it was going to be a complex organization and a complex thing to run, but it’s really not. It’s very user-friendly. That was a great surprise on our side."

Real-world Education Opportunities

Goff's favorite aspect of the ScoreVision system is the real-world education opportunities he is able to give his students by showcasing their work on the video displays. Students create graphics and video content for the LED displays for games and other events held in the gym.

"The most rewarding thing I see with students is just their excitement when something they created gets shown. I look at these scoreboards as video boards that showcase my students. We have so many talented students at Kearney High School, this is just another vehicle that allows us to show off the power and the talent of our students."

Find more ideas for educating students with ScoreVision software here.

Connecting Students & Community

The versatility of LED displays powered by ScoreVision software opens up an endless amount of opportunities to engage students, athletes, fans, sponsors, and the greater community and connect them around the game-day experience.

"Your students are going to love them, your parents are going to love them, your coaches definitely are going to love them, and your community is really going to embrace the game-day experience when you really dive into what ScoreVision is able to give you."

ScoreVision Software for Your School or Team

ScoreVision software is constantly evolving to help teams, schools, and facilities engage their fans everywhere. From scoring and game production to fan engagement and fundraising, ScoreVision software makes it easy to engage and inform fans on a professional level. Contact us today to learn how ScoreVision software can benefit your team.

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