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As the off-season approaches, now is a great time to take a look at the game-time experience fans had in your gym or stadium this season and find areas where you can bring even more excitement.

To help you brainstorm what kind of content you and your students can create for next season, we've compiled a round-up of fan engagement content and graphics from ScoreVision customers across the country. We encourage you to get inspired by these ideas and put your own spin on them!

Before you create any graphics, check out our top 7 tips for designing for LED video scoreboards.

Player Cards

One of the most impactful graphics you can make to recognize your players is a player card. After rosters are determined and headshots taken, create a simple template and add each player's headshot, name, and other information like jersey number or position. Player cards make for great content to fill your automated pregame sequences, and to have on hand to trigger after the player makes a great play.

Player Card on ScoreVision Video Scoreboard at Glenwood High School

Conference Banners

Create a graphic featuring the names and/or logos of the schools in your conference. This graphic is simple to make and can be used season after season!

Conference Banner on ScoreVision Video Scoreboard at Millard West High School

Matchup Graphics

Consider making simple matchup graphics for each of your home games. You can make a whole season's worth of this graphic very quickly by starting with a template and changing out the sport and away team logo. Millard West High School adds this graphic into their automated pregame sequences.

Matchup Graphic on ScoreVision Video Scoreboard at Millard West High School

Away Team Welcome Graphics

Welcome the fans and athletes of the away teams by creating welcome graphics. You can save time by using one consistent background image and adding each away team's logo on top, as shown in the inspiration image from Millard South High School below.

Away Team Welcome Graphic on ScoreVision Video Scoreboard at Millard South High School

Themed Brand Wrappers

If your teams offer theme nights throughout the season, add to the fun by customizing your brand wrapper to match the theme. Millard West High School creates a matching brand wrapper for nearly every theme night, ranging from pink-outs for Valentine's Day to an Ugly Sweater Night!

Valentine's Day Themed Brand Wrapper on the ScoreVision Video Scoreboard at Millard West High School

Ugly Sweater Night Themed Brand Wrapper on ScoreVision Video Scoreboard at Millard West High School

Sponsored Brand Wrappers

Show sponsors some extra appreciation (or add this to their sponsorship package!) by putting your top sponsors' logo on the brand wrapper alongside your school's branding. If you don't want to show sponsor branding throughout the whole game, consider using ScoreVision's exclusive feature that lets you pre-schedule the brand wrapper to automatically change as often as each period. This feature is used often by Glenwood High School, shown below.

Sponsored Brand Wrapper on ScoreVision Video Scoreboard at Glenwood High School

Cheer & Dance Team Graphics

Recognize your cheer and dance teams during their halftime performances by creating a simple graphic from their team photos. This graphic makes for the perfect backdrop to their performances. If your teams have won awards recently, add those accomplishments to their graphic like Millard South High School did in their graphic below!

Dance Team Graphic on ScoreVision Video Scoreboard at Millard South High School

Cheer Team Graphic on ScoreVision Video Scoreboard at Millard South High School

If you don't want to wait for team photos or want to make a graphic that can last season after season, consider making a text-based graphic instead. No matter what, your cheer and dance teams will appreciate the recognition during their performances!

Dance Team Graphic on ScoreVision Video Scoreboard at Millard North High School

Award Ceremony & Tribute Graphics

Honor notable alumni and teams by featuring a team photo from the archives alongside their accomplishments. For award ceremonies or banquets that will be held in your gym or stadium, create a simple graphic that can serve as the backdrop for the event.

Award Ceremony Graphic on the Video Scoreboard at Buell Stadium

Fan Engagement Animations

Take inspiration from professional sporting events and create simple animations that engage fans at halftime and other breaks. These could be activities like trivia, puzzles, quizzes, and other games that get fans excited and keep them entertained. You can even incorporate your top sponsors' logos and products to give them extra recognition and generate more sponsorship revenue!

Get inspired by this "Guess the Celebrity" puzzle animation made by students from Ysleta ISD:

Sponsored Sport Animations

If you or your students have experience working with video and animations, consider adding your top sponsors' logos to some of the most commonly used sport animations. Many sponsors would be happy to increase their sponsorship commitment to have the additional exposure for their brand.

Sponsored Sport Animation on ScoreVision Video Scoreboard at Elkhorn High School

Victory Graphics

This type of graphic is pretty easy to create, and we hope it's one that gets lots of use throughout your next season! Simply create one victory graphic that you can use for every home game your teams win next season.

Victory Graphic on ScoreVision Video Scoreboard at Millard South High School

More Ideas for Fan Engagement Content

  • Trivia games: Make a simple graphic with a school- or sport-related trivia question, and an accompanying graphic that reveals the answer. These can serve as great entertainment during pregame and halftime. Simply add the two graphics back-to-back in your automated sequences in ScoreVision Cloud.
  • Student of the Week graphics: Highlight students from various clubs, sports, and other activities with simple graphics that show their photo, name, and the name of their club, sport, or activity.
  • Senior tribute videos or graphics: Make photo montages to recognize senior athletes that will be graduating next school year. Slides with baby pictures next to the athlete's senior picture are a favorite among fans and the parents of the athletes!
  • Fan Cam: Run your own simple Fan Cam by AirPlaying one of your iPad cameras up to the displays! Involve your media students by putting them in charge of carrying the camera through the bleachers at halftime.
  • Hype videos: A great project for creative students, hype videos are one of the best ways to generate excitement leading into any game. Students can incorporate animations, team photos, game footage, and notable accomplishments into a fast-moving, energizing video to play right before the start of a game.

Are You Using ScoreVision to its Full Potential?

We hope this post has sparked all kinds of creative ideas that you can bring to your own ScoreVision system. You can find even more sources of inspiration here and check your new content against our tips and best practices for designing for multimedia scoreboards.

Stay tuned for more resources to help you design fan engagement content for your ScoreVision video boards. In the meantime, check out the most recent installments of our new ScoreVision Spotlight Series to learn how ScoreVision customers around the country are excelling at generating revenue, exciting fans, using ScoreVision outside of athletics, educating students, and more benefits of having a ScoreVision video scoreboard!

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