ScoreVision Fall 2020 Software Update

ScoreVision has been busy building on our summer feature release, adding even more crucial fan engagement features to our software platform to help our customers evolve and adapt for the 2020 sports season and beyond.

Our latest major release includes new features and tools that span our platform and expands how our customers can engage their fans in new ways using live streaming, social media, and video.

Explore the latest new products and features available to ScoreVision customers below.

More Ways to Engage Fans Using Video

PlayAction Mode in ScoreVision Capture AppRecord & Share Game Videos with PlayAction Mode: Our brand-new Capture App has been enhanced even further with the addition of PlayAction Mode, a tool to capture videos up to two minutes in length and share them with fans via our Fan App.

PlayAction Mode provides a way to capture longer-form video content from a tablet and quickly share it with fans. This mode will make it easy to deliver video announcements, record halftime activities, give fans a glimpse into intense gameplay, and share other exciting content with fans. Explore more ways to use PlayAction Mode and our new Capture App here.

Streaming Phone and WebpageSupport for Live Streaming: Also joining ScoreVision's all-in-one fan engagement platform are features to help customers stream their games and events. Our new streaming features empower ScoreVision customers to share a live stream of games and events with fans via our Fan App and a branded streaming webpage.

Despite what in-person sports attendance may look like for many of our customers, our new video and streaming features will help our teams evolve to changing times and engage their fans in new ways.

New Tool to Engage Fans on Social Media

In addition to using video and streaming to engage fans, we've launched a new tool to deliver announcements to your fans via social media and our Fan App.

Whether fans turn to social media or your team's Fan App for score updates, upcoming game schedules, game photos, or other information, the brand-new SV Announcements tool makes social media management a whole lot more convenient.

ScoreVision Announcements Tool

This new tool allows teams to communicate with fans via Twitter, Facebook, and our Fan App, all with just a few clicks in ScoreVision Cloud.

Other convenient features include the ability to schedule posts to social media and the Fan App in advance and clone frequently-posted content, saving our customers hours in social media management throughout the season. 

Fan App as a Communication & Engagement Platform

The ScoreVision Fan App experience has always been centered around enhancing sporting events. But just like our software turns LED displays into a versatile, multi-use tool, our Fan App now offers the same versatility.

In this release, our software now supports non-sport events – which means our Fan App can be used to deliver messages, video content, and live streams to fans of any event held by your team, school, or facility.

Now, any event that can benefit from our video content and announcement features can use the Fan App to stay informed.

Inspired by the way our customers have come up with creative uses for their LED displays, we've brainstormed some ways you can use your Fan App outside of sports:

  • Graduation ceremonies: Attendees can experience graduation ceremonies via the Fan App by watching a live stream of the ceremony, seeing the moments when students walk across the stage, viewing video recaps of the school year, and  receiving messages throughout the ceremony.
  • Marching band, choir, and music competitions: Share video clips and live streams of performances, updates on competition standings, and announcements throughout the competition.

Just as the ScoreVision Team has been amazed at our customers' creative ideas for their LED displays, we are looking forward to seeing what customers can do with this new flexibility in the Fan App.

Score All Games – At Home & Away

Universal Scorekeeper AppScoreVision's recent update includes a new Universal Scorekeeper App, providing simplified scorekeeping for any sport – especially those that don't traditionally have a scoreboard. From cross country to track and field to golf, swimming and other sports, this new app allows any team to keep fans updated through the Fan App and by showing a flexible scoreboard on connected LED displays. Learn more about the new Universal Scorekeeper App here.

Our recent update also includes the ability to score away games, giving your fans a consistent Fan App experience no matter where games are played. Simply bring along an iPad to home and away games to run the Scorekeeper App and keep score as usual. Your scores and stats will be saved in ScoreVision Cloud and automatically fed to the Fan App, keeping your fans informed and your game data complete throughout the season.

Plus, bring another tablet along to generate video content with the Capture App to help your fans experience the game through video. Learn how to incorporate sports video into your home and away games here.

ScoreVision Software Helps Teams Engage Fans

ScoreVision software is constantly evolving to help teams, schools, and facilities engage their fans everywhere. From scoring and game production to fan engagement and fundraising, ScoreVision software makes it easy to engage and inform fans on a professional level. Contact us today to learn how ScoreVision software can benefit your team.

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