Hastings College, a private undergraduate college located in Hastings, Nebraska, upgraded the metal-box scoreboards in Lynn Farrell Arena to a ScoreVision jumbotron system in July 2016. Since then, the college has extended the usage of the jumbotron system well beyond athletics and has gained many benefits over the system they replaced. Watch our short video or read on below to learn more about these benefits!

Effective Recruiting

Using their video display to welcome prospective students has helped Hastings College increase the effectiveness of their recruiting efforts and attract new recruits from all over the country. “We’re grabbing kids out of Georgia and Arkansas that we normally don’t, that have received D1 and D2 offers, and their reaction when they walk in and see their name on the video board with this really cool motion graphic, they’re just blown away by it. Their facial expression tells me that we’re doing something right,” explains Adam Maser, Sports Information Director. In addition to impressing prospective students, current students can also gain hands-on, real-world experience in fields like broadcasting, video production, graphic design, advertising, and more by working with the ScoreVision system. “Kind of a niche for us from a recruiting standpoint is that you can come to Hastings College and you can get professional experience from the get-go with all the different elements we can do,” explains Maser.

Elevated Game-Day Experience

“It’s created a different atmosphere than anything we could have projected. You’ll get a different game-day experience here as opposed to what you’re going to get elsewhere,” says Maser. Hastings College has upgraded their game-day experience by incorporating engaging features and activities into their athletic events, including leaderboards, instant replays, player introduction animations, hype videos, sponsored mini games, and more.

Expanded Alternative Uses

One of the major benefits of a video scoreboard over a fixed-digit metal-box scoreboard is the ability to utilize the scoreboard for many other events outside of athletic events. Hastings College has done an exceptional job of incorporating the video display into events ranging from graduation to practices, athletic camps to musical events and more, and the school is constantly coming up with other creative ways to leverage their ScoreVision system.

Enhanced Customer Service

“From a customer service standpoint, bar-none, ScoreVision is head and shoulders above anybody out there that I’ve ever worked with. It’s instantaneous, it’s on-the-fly, instead of having to make a phone call, make an appointment, then wait a couple days for someone to get out there,” explains Maser. After years of dealing with inefficient customer service with a competitive company, Maser enjoys the hands-on, remote customer support and the constant innovation that ScoreVision provides. “That’s the beauty of ScoreVision, we can customize it to whatever the coaches are looking for. You can challenge ScoreVision, and next thing you know, they come through for you.”

Hear more about Maser’s experience with ScoreVision in the short video below!Interested in learning more? Check out our recent blog post on alternative uses for ScoreVision in your gym and stay tuned for next week’s post testimonial from Montevideo High School!

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